Louis Tomlinson & Steve Aoki ‘Just Hold On’ The Today Show Performance Review

With the promo kicking off state side for the collaborative duo Louis Tomlinson and Steve Aoki for their track ‘Just Hold On’ so much has been happening over the past fortnight or so with the pair appearing at radio stations for interviews and on televised shows for live performances of the song. With their most recent appearance happening at the Today Show a prime time morning news talk programme this was a show not to be missed in order to promote and advertise ‘Just Hold On’ even further. After viewing the performance it seemed appropriate to do a review and a brief round up of what has been active in regards to Harry, Niall and Liam in the past week.

Source: The TODAY Show

Listening to Louis vocals and to be truthfully honest considering this is a review I can’t say his voice in this particular performance has been the strongest since kicking off promotion in America. A number of things of course could have has a knock on affect on his voice sounding from what I can hear weaker and slightly limp such as the performances himself and Steve have been doing in the run up to this one. Negativity aside whether Louis voice sounded fantastic or dull his vocals do have something compelling and diverse about them which I believe can attract a new bunch of fans especially those into EDM which is the likely direction Louis is talking in terms of his solo material which can work in his favour massively. However on this occasion at the Today Show, I can’t say that his vocals were flawless but they did have some life to them more towards the closing moments of the appearance.

Source: The TODAY Show

One thing I have been noticing frequently throughout his first performance debuting ‘JHO’ in the UK to this recent performance was Louis utilising the space on stage. Especially over on the US performances the stage has been more of a smaller size due to the fact that all these performances this far have been televised ones and also the amount of equipment Steve and Co have on stage in order to provide instrumentals alongside the song, I have been impressed to see that Louis docent just stand there frozen but he actually moves around showing enthusiasm utilising the limited amount of space he has on stage. Not only does this element make these appearances more enjoyable but they give the performance a bit of added energy that is needed.

Source: The TODAY Show

Overall for this time on the Today Show I cant say this has been my favourite performance ever because I feel like it lacked power vocally however it was decent considering the time this was aired at.

Agree or disagree with me? Leave a comment below summarising your thoughts on this performance what ever it may be. Also as a quick round up about the other guys can we all appreciate for a seconds Harry’s red coat. Also Niall is now a brunette! I actually still cant adjust to the difference seeing that we now for the first time ever have seen the guys of One Direction all have the same hair colour. Its truly crazy!

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Louis Tomlinson & Steve Aoki Perform ‘Just Hold On’ the TODAY Show

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