My Top 5 Favourite Performances Of All Time

I have been patiently waiting to do this post for such a long time now. But look no further the time has arrived. So every fan of any artist has favourite songs and albums by them right? Well today we are overstepping the boundaries and I will pick and select some of my favourite performances that three of my favourite groups have done in the past and hopefully this may inspire you people to watch these performances if you are not aquainted with them and hopefully I can convince you that the five performances I am about the state are truly incredible.

Source: Dymond, Syco, Thames, Corbis

One Direction ‘Where Do Broken Hearts Go’ The X Factor UK Final 2014 (Featuring Ronnie Wood)

The most iconic performance to ever air on national television. Two legends combining to perform on one of the biggest tv shows ever, how can you not label this as iconic. One Direction teamed up with a Rolling Stone in other words Ronnie Wood to perform one of my most loved songs taken from album ‘Four’ called ‘Where Do Broken Hearts Go’ providing a very energy filled, edgy spectacle. Honestly the day I found out One Direction would be performing this song on a very much family favourite talent show I could not contain my excitement even though it was hours away from the performance being on air. I can’t talk about this performance highly enough from a directioners perspective and two years later it is number one on my list and I predict it will never drop. Check this performance out!

Source: X Factor, ITV (YouTube)

Louis Tomlinson and Steve Aoki ‘Just Hold On’ The X Factor UK Final 2016

Yet another X Factor performance by 1/4 of One Direction but for a very important reason behind it. Louis Tomlinson and Steve Aoki took to the X Factor Wembley stage just last year to honour and remember Louis’ mum Johannah. If that doesn’t make this special enough but the way Steve and especially Louis carried out this whole performance with such professionalism and strength definitely gave the song its debut it deserved.

Source: Conan, TBS (YouTube)

Panic! At The Disco ‘Death Of A Bachelor’ CONAN 2016 

Moving on and another performance that I would consider a favourite of mine is when Panic! performed a very swing yet upbeat performance of ‘Death Of A Bachelor’. I love, love, love this because the arrangement and the whole production work that went into creating and preparing for the tv performance over in America was well though out and definitely helped to enhanced the songs theme. The use of minimalistic lighting which transitioned into a revelation of change within the production bringing the tempo up into the second half of the performance which for sure had Panic! At The Disco’s name written all over it because it was so like Brendon to do something such as this to demonstrate his wacky creativity.

Source: Zimbo

One Direction ‘One Way Or Another/Teenage Kicks’ Brit Awards 2013

Even though I can’t find the exact performance on the internet anymore, I can still remember why I enjoyed this performance so much since the day almost four years ago now it was on tv. Just as the group were about to embark on their ‘Take Me Home’ Tour they had one rather big engagement they needed to complete first of all and that was their first ever performance at the Brit Awards which is the largest and most popular music awards show here in the UK taking place every February which I have been a viewer of for many years. Used as a platform to promote their rendition of the two songs they combined together which they released for Comic Relief, the concept of the performance fascinated me. The pinball game themed performance and the small amount of choreography shown brought out the guys natural personalities not even to mention their music and vocals.

Fall Out Boy ‘The Phoenix’ Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2013

Ever since I became aware of the Victoria Secret Fashion Show this coinsodentally lead to me discovering that Fall Out Boy have been guests previously. Even though they did perform ‘My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark’ as well as ‘The Phoenix’ the latter of the two always stuck with me like any favourite performance would because it’s memorable. The vitality and passion by the band during this appearance has made it end up on the number five spot of my favourite performance list.

I would also like to make an honourable mention to One Directions Teen Choice Awards performance back in 2013 where they sung ‘Best Song Ever’. The whole colour of the production and the outfits gave so much summer vibes and it was just such as pick me up, happy, enjoyable appearance.

If you are familiar with any of these performances I talked about please let me know in the comments so we can discuss fully why we like them so very much. On the other hand if you have no clue what I just talked about follow the links that are available below so you are aware of their great existence.

Performance links:

One Direction ‘Where Do Broken Hearts Go’ The X Factor UK Final 2014

Louis Tomlinson & Steve Aoki ‘Just Hold On’ The X Factor UK Final 2016

Panic! At The Disco ‘Death Of A Bachelor’ CONAN 2016

Fall Out Boy ‘The Phoenix’ Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2013

One Direction ‘Best Song Ever’ Teen Choice Awards 2013

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