Why Artists Evolve With Their Sound

This is a topic that is always highlighted amongst fanbases in the music industry that I have wanted to discuss for quite some time now. This subject definitely does bring two sides to the argument and can be viewed as controversial depending on who the artist or fanbase is. Recently this re-accruing question has been circling in my mind especially after reading comments on YouTube below music videos and it’s ultimately why do artists in the music business actually evolve with their sound. Because the music industry is such a broad spectrum with a variety of genres and artists no matter who you may be a fan of, its probable at some point in their career they have either changed completely or introduced different styles, sounds and genres into their music. Considering that most of the comments I have seen of late have been somewhat negative towards the bands current sound I thought I would shine some positive light on to this situation giving some reasons why I believe artists do indeed change and evolve with their sound. Settle down grab a drink of choice and snack because this post is going to be a long one.

They want to experiment and tap into different markets to possibly gain more fans

A very unique yet increasing strategy into getting more peoples attention and even expand a fanbase is to tap into different markets which is typically done through experimentation. Just look at Twenty One Pilots for me they are the definition of a modern day genre crosser with the duo creating music consisting of an Alternative, Hip-Hop, Pop, Rock a never ending list of what their sound can be somehow classified as. If executed well in an artists music this can be such a lucrative way to gain future fans that like a  specific genre of music simply. Also another artists I would like to highlight is Louis Tomlinson. Of course in One Direction their definitive sound is very much Commercial Pop however look at his recent project with Steve Aoki he has totally become a different person showing experimentation in the EDM and Dance field of music and look how great ‘Just Hold On’ has been gaining over 100 million stream on Spotify. Even though it may be strange to hear a change in sound at first paticulaly if you have been a fan of an artist from the formation of their career it can be beneficial for the artist who are the people who have the creative control over their music anyway.

An Artist is trying to discover their true identity in terms of their style and sound. It can be part of a growth process

Just like somebody who wants to dye their hair, get piercings or have a lifestyle change an artist can do this too but sometimes just because they are a celebrity and they are so exposed because of their popularity it can be blown out of proportion on occasions. Typically because under an artists contract a certain number of albums may be required of them the amount of pressure they could feel just to put some material out in the industry can be enough for an artist to not show their true passion in terms of their sound heard through their music. A recent case of a huge change in genre and sound that I believe is simply part of the band trying to grow further and again experiment is the Kaiser Chiefs with their 2016 release of ‘Stay Together’. Many long term fans of the band were not taking a liking to their new sound which with this album is more commercial oppose to their original indie style and I do understand why they are disappointed. However this swap in sound is all part of a process where an artist evolves in order to define and show a growth process which is natural for anyone to do in everyday life but because artists such as the Kaiser Chiefs are in such a tough industry with a loyal fanbase the situation gets inflamed.

They want to be versatile and show their capabilities of producing music from different genres

In my opinion I believe these days more and more artists are beginning to merge genres and experement in all areas of music. Being versatile can hand a huge advantage to those music creators because again by incorporating elements from different styles of music this can allow them to easily sometimes without realisation of doing so tap into different countries where certain genes of music are popular by tradition or simply by the majority of people taste in music. However most times when a soloist or band does take part in this process some people may see it as their last resort and because they may be selling out they have to make drastic change in order to gain recognition from fans and the music business again. But for the most part thinking about it an artists will change their sound doe to the fact of experimentation.

Change can be refreshing

Its inevitable that change is part of a natural process of life and that you shouldn’t be afraid of it right? Well even this saying can apply to professions in this case the music world. Especially when we hear things occasionally a change in an artists sound can be strange and peculiar at first but over time it tends to positively develop on you which is what I find anyway. So if you happen to listen to a new release by one of your favourite artists of all time who you have supported and dedicated your time to for a long period of time and you are disappointed because you happen to hear the unusual, non-typical sound you associate with them don’t just listen to it once and erase it from you memory for all eternity. Come back to that song, that EP or that album repeatedly and you may find that over time this new material consisting new sounds will adapt and grow on you. Its worth it!

And that is my take on the matter. I completely understand every individual has and is entitled to their own opinion on this topic so why not share what your think about why artists evolve with their sound in the comments located further down the page. I want to hear from you!

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