Why You Should Be Proud To Be A Directioner

Calling all 1D Family and Directioners! Have you ever found yourself in a troubling situation where you have had to explain some of your favourite artists in the music industry and had to cover up or not mention you are a huge fan of One Direction just because you are worried about the reaction you may receive or how people could perceive you now that you have let this information out in the open? Trust me I can’t count on both hands the amount of times when I have briefly mentioned the following two words One Direction and the response may not have been the finest. I have found myself in this type of situation countless times throughout secondary school and sixth form and I have always been the kind of person when it comes to my musical tastes to not hold back and say it how it is no matter what artists name I decide to throw out there. Therefore today if you do hold back your passion for your favourite artists particularly if they are boybands such as One Direction, I am going to justify some reasons why you should totally be proud to verbally say to as many people as possible that you are a Directioner. 

It will boost your self confidence

You know that feeling of relief and proudness you sense when you finally let some information out you have been holding on to in your head for the longest time? Yes, this is exactly what it is like to actually say out loud that you are a fan of One Direction for the first time. I’m aware for many people especially if you are shy like myself it’s hard to say the things you want to communicate on occasions maybe when you may expect that the reaction could swing positively or negatively. However the next time sonebidy asks you what music and artist do you listen to and if you are a fan of One Direction I want you to tell them that no matter who the other party is. I promise the sensation of relief and confidence you will have afterwards is like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders. No exaggeration needed! 

You could actually end up finding common ground with other Directioners like yourself

Believe it or not but there are millions of people just like yourself that share a common interest in a oaricukar artist you both like. It’s clearly oblivious by the amount of social media followers One Direction have that there are millions of fans all across the globe and one or more of those followers could be sitting in the same room as you and the only effective way to uncover this vital information is to convey your passion to other people around you. Who knows once you have established your common ground with those similar to yourself you could be going to the next One Direction concert together. 

People will remember you and associate you with One Direction

Ever. since the very moment several years ago during school I started to be open about my music tastes especially with the whole Directioner thing people started to associate me with them and I enjoy every bit of it because they are my favourite band. Considering One Direction are such a majorly known group practically everyone and anyone is aware of their existence therefore this instant connection is created between you the fan and them the band by those who know you like them. Meaning on every single occasion One Direction are brought into the equation people will associate and remember you as the Directioner they know which for me is great because it’s only bringing my personality our more which I like very much. Always have, always will. 

It can work to your advantage when it comes to your studies

Probably one of the best academic reasons to be a One Direction enthusiast. Of course if you study music in any shape or form and you could totally convert your passion into some decent looking grades. In this fandom it’s like getting pulled into a dark hole never to be escaped from again in the most positive way possible seeing that overtime and the bigger fan you become you will rapidly gain more knowledge on the boys career which can tie in nicely to your studies. Ever since I started properly studying music in sixth form for any work especially written I would try to base the senario around One Direction because I know I can always rely on my extensive knowledge of the band to help me complete work set. Luckily most of the time to this day it has worked to my advantage in terms of quality of my work and even better the grades too. 

You are part of one of the most dedicated fan bases on the planet

Didn’t the boys say don’t forget where you belong? In this circumstance talking about music you belong to the directioner and 1D Faimly community and you should only be proud of that considering that as a collective even though there is constant drama in some shape or form looking past this we have trended worldwide on Twitter on countless occasions and have won the guys numerous prostigious awards through voting via social media, this shows the true force behind the 1D fandom. 

It makes you who you are 

All your hobbies and interests give you your own identity including your taste in music. Therefore by knowingly being in the 1D Faimly You are essentially enhancing a specific things that is the building block to your own identity. Because let’s face it the world would be a pretty boring place if everybody was identical in all aspects. 

All my fellow 1D Family leave a comment informing me how long you have been a fan of One Direction and every piece of necessary information such as your favourite member and favourite album in the comments box it will be certainly intriguing to find out more about you all as individuals.

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