My Favourite Band Members (Part 2)

Considering the amount of bands I like seems to be ever-growing and never-ending, it seemed appropriate to create a post for my favourite band members part 2. My favourite band members is a small series of posts that I am doing here on One Fall Out At The Disco where I pick out some of my favourite bands and select the member who I most relate to out of the group. I have already completed a part one to this mini series which for the foreseeable future is shaping up to be a four parter but don’t hold me to that because I am always on the hunt discovering new popular and more unknown bands so it’s more than likely that it could be extended to a bigger number.

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Mark Hoppus – Blink-182

I think throughout the occasions where I post instalments under my favourite band members category it’s going to gradually become more evident that out of a group I always gravitate to either the lead singer or the bass player which is clearly shown in this choice. Ever since properly getting to know Blink-182 Mark Hoppus has always been the individual who captivates my attention the most. I honestly can’t fully pin point what it is that makes him my favourite member of Blink but it’s undeniable that his charity work for beagles considering that this breed of dog are unfortunately the most tested on in lavatories and for him to take time out of his busy schedule is very much admirable and relatable as a massive animal lover and also vegan myself and with the bands relationship with animal charities such as PETA I can definitely relate to the bands lifestyle choices and they are awesome for making such a conscious decision which is always an added bonus for myself. He always just seems to come across as such a calm, radiant and happy person despite in my personal opinion fellow member Matt Skiba having the most hilarious laugh. If you have not heard Matt’s laugh type into YouTube Blink-182 ‘California’ Track by Track and skip forwards to 5 minuets and I promise it will make you smile. Completely just gone off on a tangent talking about Matt even though my favourite is Mark but I had to mention this.

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Andy Biersack – Black Veil Brides 

Yet another person who constantly seems to be such a positive influence on everything he does and this person is Andy Biersack from Black Veil Brides or as a solo artist And Black. After discovering Black Veil Brides shortly after knowing Panic! At The Disco thanks to suggested videos on YouTube it was a tight decision between Andy and Jake as to who I considered my most liked out of the band but its clear Andy just narrowly took it. An insanely talented individual vocally this actually wasn’t the first aspect of him that convinced me. The first ever interview I watched of Andy outside of Black Veil Brides was for Rock Sound essentially where he picked 7 out of 30 questions to answer. After viewing this and relating to Andy strongly on question 11 as cliché as this sounds I just clicked the quickest with his personality especially.

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Jade Thirlwall – Little Mix

Throwing in a girl group into the mix right now and out of one of the biggest girl groups since the Spice Girls, Jade Thirlwall from Little Mix is the prominent member for me. Every single girl in the band Leigh-Anne, Jesy, Perrie and Jade all have such bright, likeable personalities I honestly don’t have a distinct reason as to why Jade is my favourite but she is my favourite. Not going to lie I do like a northern accent therefore her and Perrie share my likeness for this however as a whole her adorableness and her mightyness for such a small person is appealing.

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Zack Merrick – All Time Low 

For me probably the more shy member of All Time Low compared to the rather charismatic  Jack Barrakat and the member I can definitely easily relate to based on this reason. Zack Merrick again coincidentally the bass player of the four piece Baltimore based band not to say that Alex, Jack or Ryan are not but Zack portrays himself as the most friendly human being out of all the groups I like if somebody asked me to choose one member who seems the most friendliest I would say Zack overtime. Chilled, reserved and warn I think just about sum up the reason why he is my favourite member in this case.


Ash Costello – New Years Day 

I can’t even remember how I discovered the last band on this list who go by the name of  New Years Day my memory is becoming increasingly foggy within remembering how I discovered artists considering the list seems like a never ending spiral. Ash Costello the front woman of the band has the most captivating hair and style which allowed me to connect with her at first glance. As I progressed getting to know the group music and her as a person through articles and interviews Ash and in general the rest of the bands also are probably the most underrated hard working bands that I know. Consistently embarking on Warped Tours in order to promote themselves and connect with their fans frequently and recently With Ash breaking her foot she actually continued to tour and perform with an injury but rightly so finally making the decision to call o the tour so she can heal her foot I think this story speaks for itself. Determined, good-natured and quite the enchanting person I just love Ash Costello really.

If you know of any of the bands above and like me you can relate and connect with one person specifically type their name in the comments so we all can compare the similarities and differences we have in terms of our favourite members out of these groups.

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