2 Years Since Zayn Malik Left One Direction

Tomorrow officially marks the 2 year date since Zayn Malik decided to depart from his fellow band members of five years at the time Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Liam Payne which saw him take a short break away from the spotlight before quickly returning to making music with the debut of his solo album was released exactly a year later. Therefore to mark the occasion and celebrate all the great things Zayn brought to the fandom during his five year run as part of the biggest group on the planet alongside some reasons why Zayn is still missed but simultaneously likes as a solo act post 1D

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High Notes 

Zayn provided with some of the best high notes my ears have ever had the honour of hearing. Predominantly heard during songs such as ‘Best Song Ever’ and of course the most famous being ‘You & I” Malik would effortlessly execute every note that may be higher than average which I believe was the quality in terms of vocals that made him totally distinct amongst his fellow band members. It’s been worthwhile getting to see how Zayn’s range has evolved from the X Factor days right through to the On The Road Again Tour which witnessed Zayn’s departure a couple months in. It’s certainly been a pleasure getting to hear those famous high notes live especially during the groups stadium Where We Are Tour. The nostalgia of Zayn’s high pitched notes are kicking in right now (no pun intended!)

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Quiet and Mysterious 

Do you remember during that 2011 interview with Louis and Harry in France where they were given a sheet with two descriptive words that best suited each of the guys? Well Zayn’s were quiet and mysterious and for me that described him to a T especially during the groups earlier days of the Up All Night era. Contrary to what I said before hand about Zayn not shying away whatsoever when it comes to his voice his personality said otherwise on occasions. With what I recall from interviews back in 2010-2011 Zayn appeared as a very reserved yet mysterious guy but this only made him more intriguing. By these qualities coming out it made you want to find out more about Zayn. As the band progressed and developed of course he became more stable and expressive but even then Zayn’s mysterious aroma could be depicted all the time for me. The quiet and mysterious persona Zayn has is what makes him beautiful. I couldn’t help it! 

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Vas Happenin

A phrase originating from 2010 created and devised by the one and only Zayn Malik with the definition of Vas Happening meaning What’s Happening was quite a revolutionary time for words that it even got turned into an impromptu song appropriately names ‘Vas Happening Boys’. If you was and still are in the One Direction fandom you probably found yourself calling every pigeon you spot on the street Kevin and every time you go to say What’s Hapoening instead you will always take a leaf out of Zayn’s book and say Vas Happenin because you can never get enough of those classic One Direction references. 

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Energy Juice 

The Vas Happening stage goes hand in hand with the next memorable moment which was the whole energy drink or juice fiasco. During the famous X Factor video diaries and tour diaries for a reason I will never comprehend and understand but starting with Zayn of course the originator of this strange idea, he would drink some energy drink and quite frankly act out like he has been electrocuted after consuming the liquid. Sometimes the other boys would join in to which will result in my uncontrollably laughing at the most random thing Zayn has ever done. Bizzare is an understatement. 

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Mind Of Mine

So far this post has been celebrating Zayn’s best and most memorable moments heavily during One Direction however I though it would be best to keep up with the times where Zayn is now a solo artist post 1D. The most prominent factor so far defining Zayn’s successful solo career was the release of the ‘Mind Of Mine’ album. Dropped exactly a year after the departure of himself from the group was announced his first musical project showed the style of music that he wanted to truly express incorporating more R&B influences which differed very much from One Directions well-associated Pop sound. It may of been hard to adjust to hearing Zayn’s voice unaccompanied alongside four other vocals however I for one really enjoyed ‘Mind Of Mine’ and still do. 

Are you still a Directioner but consider yourself apart of the Zquad also. Let me know in the comments and I will see you back here same time, same place next Friday. 


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