Solo Styles, Tomlinson’s Festival Turnup & Payne’s Parenthood

The past week has been crazy hectic in the One Direction fandom to say the least. The 25th March has now been given a brand new definition other than the day Zayn Malik decided to quit 1D. With Liam and Harry both making two completely different public announcements sending social media and the universe into a frenzy I am currently grasping this opportunity with open arms to compile all the latest happenings in one place right here. So if you want to find out more of why the 25th March has a whole other dimension carry on reading.

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Firstly before all this Harry Styles and Liam Payne related news broke out, The 2016 collaboration between Louis Tomlinson and Steve Aoki’s song ‘Just Hold On’ has had it’s first even festival debut. Leading up until this point the duo have been relentlessly promoting the song state side predominantly on radio stations and TV appearances but last week at last something I was waiting to happen the song rightfully was performed in a totally different contrasting setting at a 2 day event in Florida called Ultra Festival. Considering that this particular festival provides a large platform for EDM and Electronic artists this was the ideal gig for Tonoinson and Aoki to take their track to a wider audience of festival goers. Performing on Louis’ late mothers birthday the pair owned the stage with the EDM incorporated sounds in the song truly being brought to life. I think it’s an inderstatment to say Louis was absolutely buzzing when shortly after Louis festival debut took place a series of tweets expressed his excitement for what himself and Steve just experienced.

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Progressing on and probably the biggest news of the year and finally a solid confirmation of Harry Styles solo music. That’s right out it in every single calendar you own because of April 7th solo Styles is coming! A short, mysterious teaser advertising and promoting Harry’s music was aired here on British television on ITV which was later posted on social media for the world to witness. Essentially an eerie piano heavy piece was playing in the background meanwhile Styles was depicted opening the door leading him to the light whilst he was soaking wet. A very artistic, prepared visual form with at long last confirming that solo material from Harry Styles is literally only a week away now. I don’t think I have anticipated something for this long ever!

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Lastly the final piece of news that broke last week was the birth of a baby boy belonging to Cheryl and Liam. Keeping the pregnancy under the radar which is fully understandable and appreciated, but late on Saturday night two summit anions Instagram posts were made by the proud parents showing a photograph of Liam cradling the couples newborn whi was actually born on Wednesday 22nd March but Cheryl and Liam publically announced this huge news 3 days later. Everyone including myself it seems on social media is thrilled for Cheryl and Liam on their parenthood.

Some breaking news just in about Niall now and… Well Niall is probably just being Niall right now. Playing golf, eating Nando’s, having a beer. That sounds ideal!

It’s is definitely such a busy time in the fandom now so let me know your thoughts regarding all this news I talked about today in the comments. Let’s try and predict the title of Harry’s single/album down below. Could it potentially begin with the letter R considering his new tattoo debut in the teaser video?


  1. April 16, 2017 / 9:10 pm

    Hi there, thanks for visiting and liking my blog! I like the overall theme of your blog because I still love 1D. I have no idea how I survived March 25th but I did. And I’m so ready for solo Harry. x

    Valerie //

    • April 16, 2017 / 9:14 pm

      Hello and thank you too! Literally March 25th seemed to be such a blur with everything happening all at once that day. And definitely May 12th is just around the corner until we hear the full album.
      – Kate 🙂

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