All Time Low at o2 Academy Brixton Concert Experience

The concert experience’s are back and they have indeed returned at an all time high moment. A slight giveaway through that very atrocious intended pun, a fortnight ago I got the opportunity to see All Time Low on their UK leg of this promotional tour they are doing in the run up to their summer release of upcoming album ‘Last Young Renegade’. So I made my second return to one of my favourite venues the o2 academy Brixton in London to see the Baltimore band live for the very first time and I am here to tell you about all the tales that occurred throughout the evening.

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All Time Low o2 Academy Brixton Setlist

  1. Kicking & Screaming
  2. Weightless
  3. Somewhere In Neverland
  4. Cinderblock Garden
  5. Last Young Renegade
  6. Something’s Gotta Give
  7. Kids In The Dark
  8. Dirty Laundry
  9. Guts
  10. Therapy
  11. Missing You
  12. Green Light (Lorde Cover)
  13. A Love Like War
  14. Backseat Serenade
  15. Take Cover
  16. Lost In Stereo
  17. Jasey Rae
  18. Dear Maria Count Me In

Source: One Fall Out At The Disco

As this was my first experience standing at a live music event seeing that I kind of have always opted to choose seating tickets a lot of expectations of being squashed which is the enviable really I did anticipate. I think the phrase I could use to describe what to expect in this case what it would be like to stand would be simply that I started off at the beginning of the show in forth row and by the end was in about the ninth row. The pushing and momentum of the crowd was absolutely normal during WaterPark’s and SWMRS the two support acts setlists, but that heart dropping moment when the lights dimmed with All Time Low opening with ‘Kicking & Screaming’ that pace suddenly gained significant speed and before I knew it during the middle of the set I was nearly encapsulated in a mosh pit. Almost! However in retrospect I somewhat didnt mind that I found myself a few rows back by the end because I was literally right under the confetti which is something I have never experienced before due to my option of seating tickets and it sounds so ridiculous because it’s literally just tiny pieces of tissue but it was quite magical being under a flurry of confetti seeing one of you favourite bands live for the first time.

Source: One Fall Out At The Disco

Talking about one of my favourite bands and All Time Low’s performance, stage presence and interactions were all consistent throughout. Of course with Jack and Alex being the more confident members of the band from what I could see were very much entertaining. I must say there is a certain beauty when over 4,000 people simultaneously do Chewbacca impressions (influenced by Alex’s say so). However on a more serious note some of my favourite songs the guys performed amazingly were ‘Cinderblock Garden’, ‘Last Young Renegade’ making its first live debut which was a nice moment, ‘Lost In Stereo’ and ‘Dirty Laindry’ as a more chilled out tune. Also as a cover song following on from their appearance in the Live Lounge over at Radio 1 the day before the concert, ATL performed their take on Lorde’s ‘Green Light’. To be honest the part that got me was after closing the song Alex’s sassiness was undeniable as he joked with Jack that his guitar playing was atrocious during that song. Trust me it was quite the highlight of the concert.

Source: One Fall Out At The Disco

One thing that occurred to me right after the last stages of ‘Dear Maria’ was Alex Gaskarth and Harry Styles shared interest for consuming then de-consuming h2o. It’s quite admirable their love for water. It’s almost as if they are the human equivalent of a fountain. If you are a fan of One Direction and All Time Low you probably know what I am referring to!

Source: One Fall Out At The Disco

Overall from my experience All Time Low are such an entertaining, charismatic, naturally talented group who bring so much energy and fun to a crowd. I definitely want to see these guys again soon. Maybe a Last Young Renegade tour will be in the pipeline? I’m counting on it.

Comment below letting me know if you have seen or are going to see All Time Low in the future and tell me you concert experience to see if any similar activities happened contrasting between our two concerts.


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