Spring Playlist 2017

My favourite season of the year has arrived. It’s spring time! The time of year where I imagine spring lams, chicks and rabbits running around in fields full of greenery and flowers springing up absolutely everywhere whilst mild rays of sunshine fill the skies, this is my ideal definition of what I envision the Springtime to look like. Whilst my image of this period of the year may not be replicated exactly in reality every season of the year needs some good music to go along with it right? Of course it does and thats what I am going to share today. I have collated my pickings of songs that I have found myself listening to so far this spring and hopefully I may be able to influence others to give these tracks a shot too.

Hey Rachael – As It Is 

The Brighton based band who are at the peak their success especially after their debut album release of ‘Never Happy Ever After’ returned to the studio and came out with their 2017 second album titled ‘Okay’ with the track ‘Hey Rachael’ being the most recent music video taken from the groups second album. My knowledge of Patty, Patrick, Andy, Benjamin and Alistair’s existence as a collective has been around for a few months now however it wasn’t until the release of ‘Okay’ when I truly gave this band a shot and finally listened to some of their old and new material. Seeing as there is no time like the present this means that I have non-stop probably on a regular daily basis been listening to ‘Hey Rachael’. I can’t actually decide if i prefer the song or music video more however I believe that both complement each other nicely. All that is left for me to do now is actually listen to the full length album ‘Okay’ which is what I’m doing right now as I am writing this post so look out for my summer playlist for more As It Is.

Hard Times – Paramore

Paramore have brought new music to the table at last and it feels refreshing. The trio finally dripped their new single ‘Hard Times’ taken for the official album release called ‘After Laughter’ set to come later this year. Such a strong disco influence heavily surrounding the chorus through the groovy instrumentation and very much lyrical inspiration coming from the bands loss of a certain member  and the events that followed this occurrence, even with a slight switch up in sound this track is totally still distinctly Paramore. 

Another World – One Direction 

I think I have pretty much given the game away by featuring this somewhat underestimated classic One Direction song on this playlist. Indeed I have been listening to an extraordinary amount of old 1D evidently from the ‘Up All Night’ era because as happy as I am that the guys are exploring their solo side, this hiatus has made me resort to their old material. They were the days. Anyway enough reminising and back to the track itself and alongside ‘I Want’ and ‘Up All Night’ this song is perfect if you are craving some bubblegum, cheesy pop typical boyband type song no matter if you are a fan of One Direction or not you need this song to fulfil those cravings sometimes.

New Man – Ed Sheeran

Kicking off March Ed Sheeran made his return to music with his mathematical title theme continuing onto his third album ‘Divide’ following on from ‘Plus’ and ‘Multiply. With practically everyone in the universe knowing Ed Sheehan’s name at least I had some time to kill on Friday 3rd March and it so happened that his album was released on that day also. Within 59 minuets I listened to the full deluxe album and finally determined my favourite track was’New Man’. Its upbeat, honest sound and lyrics received my undivided attention straight away. The best track from ‘Divide’ for me.

Me and My Girls – Selena Gomez

Throwing a solo artist into the mix of the opposite gender to Ed Sheeran with a track from Selena Gomez. Now in general I am such a band enthusiast and the only actual individual artist I truly stick to is Charli xcx however I have broaden my horizons obviously. My liking to this song taken from Selena’s album ‘Revival’ all started when her performance at the Victoria Secret fashion show 2015 popped up in my suggestions on YouTube. Because curiosity is my middle name (not literally) and Devon Windsor was walking during her performance I tapped on it and the rest is total history. It’s a song I always tend to reach for when I feel like I need some energy.

Last Young Renegade – All Time Low 

The second instalment of songs we have been kindly gifted by the guys of All Time Low and the people at Fuled By Ramen. The title track taken from the upcoming album ‘Last Young Renegade’ closely followed the relates of the ultimate chill out song ‘Dirty Laundry’ however the song in question is definitely going to be my spring and summer anthem of this year solely because of the mood and atmosphere it gives off. The upbeat and energetic chorus makes me want to listen to this track on repeat just as the sun is setting in the warm spring and summer evenings specifically whilst lying or sitting on a patch of grass. This song gives me a very particular setting I depict myself listening to it one. I literally have not stop been listening to All Time Low’s setlist ever since seeing them at Brixton (Yes I am still feeling the side effects of PCD!) Bring on the full album on June 2nd. 

Happier – Ed Sheeran

I do personally favour a more up tempo oppose to a slower paced song but with the name alone reminding me of One Direction’s ‘Happily’ influenced me strongly to listen to this track. The second Sheeran song for this Spring playlist I love how the versus slowly mount up to the pivital chorus. It may be called ‘Happier’ but what an emotional song this is especially through the lyrics.

The Rock Show – Blink-182

With Wednesday 19th July in my calendar booked to see Blink-182 on their UK tour I have been in full on preparation mode listening to songs on the predicted set list for the concert and at the moment the song I am most forward to hearing live is by far the Blink classic of ‘The Rock Show’. Even though this will be my first time getting to see them live I can only prepare and think of the whole audience going wild in unison singing along to the lyrics of this song. Considering that this concert is during the height of summer its bound to happen that another Blink-182 song that I am very much excited to witness live will make its way on to my summer playlist. Keep your eyes peeled for that.

So I can expand my repertoire and knowledge of music be sure to leave some names of artists major or more unknown below. I am always on the hunt for some new people to listen to and would definitely be open to suggestions and maybe I can share some names back also. Who knows whoever you suggest some their music could potentially make it on to future playlists. See you next Friday.

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