Artists I’m Enjoying in Spring 2017

Another season has rolled around which means it’s time for yet another instalment of the bands or groups I have been listening to throughout the past, present and future days in Spring. These posts allow me to express the artists I enjoy which could hopefully then influence you great people reading this to know of their presence also. But this isn’t a one way operation. So get involved and comment as many names of artists particularly bands that you think I should give a shot at listening to and being the naturally curious person I am I will for sure.

Source: Danny North/Kaiser Cheifs

Kaiser Cheifs

A heavily nostalgic band for me considering that I used to listen to these guys way back during my late childhood years alongside the likes of Green Day, Girls Aloud, McFly and even occasionally Metrostation (which I only came about realising a couple months ago strangely) with that band in question being the Kaiser Cheifs. The Leeds based band very recently came back onto my musical radar whilst a one off series TV show here in the UK called ‘Let It Shine’ aired earlier this year. In a nutshell this was a talent scouting show set up by Gary Barlow who was looking to put a band together of originally soloists to partake in a musical surrounding Take That’s journey. You are probably thinking but Kate how does the Kaiser Cheifs relate to this show, well here is the solution.

Source: @justwilliet @alexalltimelow (Instagram)

All Time Low

The Baltimore based band have became my latest band obsession recently. I’ve been aware of these guys presence ever since the release of their latest full length album ‘Future Hearts’ and now they are actually my favourite band at the moment ever since I witnessed first hand how incredible this four piece are at performing live which I did a concert experience all about which you can check out. Alex, Zack, Jack and Rian all have totally different traits that define their personalities yet they blend together as one tight unit. With Jack being the slightly comedic creepy uncle (10 points to your Hogwarts house if you know where that reference is from), Alex being the incredibly responsible and charismatic front man, Zack being the adorably shy member and Rian the smooth and smiley drummer I feel like All Time Low are a group that once you start liking them you will never stop. Also can we appreciate that Jack’s favourite 1D song is ‘Fireproof’. The interactions between Alex, Jack and Niall on social media must be treasured in Twitter’s history. 

If you have or are going to listen to any two of the bands above this little outro tell me all your thoughts and leave you recommendations of more unknown grassroots level artists you think I would appreciate below. I want to know the style of music you guys are into as well. See you next Friday.

(Also can we appreciate everything that has happened in the past two days. Firstly Fall Out Boy are finally back, Harry Styles dropping tour dates and All Time Low releasing another track and video for ‘Life Of The Party’. Expect some awesome blog posts over the next few months!) 

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