Fall Out Boy ‘Young and Menace’ Track review and ‘Mania’ Album Thoughts

Just as you though April could not get any more eventful full of new music releases think again. On the day of Patrick Stump’s date of birth, Fall Out Boy dropped a whopper of a music game changer not only giving a glimpse into the future of Fall Out Boy in the form of the announcement of their soon to be seventh album called ‘Mania’. Also the first instalment of what ‘Mania’ has to offer was released with a song titled ‘Young and Menace’ accompanied by a music video for the track which seems to have caused a hurricane of different opinions and opposite emotions online from FOB fans. Therefore living up to my blogs name it is my duty to give you guys my own thoughts regarding the first piece of new material from the four guys in two long years.

First and immediate impressions that I got from the song were contrasting, modern and satisfactory. Even with the striking amount of difference playing a big factor for many people, one element that remained true to Fall Out Boy were the lyrics. The lyrical content in ‘Young and Menace’ is so creative, distinct and original that you almost instinctively know it is Fall Out Boy or specifically bassist and prior songwriter in the band Pete Wentz’s work. With Patrick’s one of a kind vocals portraying the deep and thoughtful words with a selection of my favourite lyrics in the track being ‘Woke up on the wrong side of reality and ‘There’s a madness thats just coursing right through me’ both situated in the second verse these lyrics definitely back up the whole meaning of the new song with Pete described as feeling like an outcast within his hometown and how through the discovery of music he felt like there was a community he could be apart of after all. So lyrically ‘Young and Menace’ works entirely.

Although as the song reached the chorus the tables turned. With a lack of the basic instruments in their truest form at times the chorus did damage my eardrums at points. With a takeover of a mixture of synths, crazy technological sounds and high pitched altered guitars I did find this combination of elements overwhelming especially with the chorus seeming to be a never ending segment to the song which I believe carried on for way longer that it necessarily needed to. Possibly because it was such a huge leap in experimentation which the original emo, pop-rock Fall Out Boy wouldn’t have been doing a decade ago despite the fact that I was initially shocked especially at the chorus it’s somewhat refreshing and good that this band are breaking down the barrier and demonstrating that they can tap into polar opposite genres and styles with a noticeable one in ‘Young and Menace’ incorporating some Electronic influences and flavours of even Hip-Hop defined massively by the huge beat drop suited in the prime section of the track which I’m not going to lie i was nodding my head along to.

Going in a total non-chronological order here and the introduction and first verse confused me slightly because the consistency of the tempo and the timing the lyrics were being sung at altered in speed which threw me off guard. Personally for me this could cause trouble trying to pick up on the lyrics because of the inconsistency of the pace of the song throughout these sections. Nether less as the song developed it seemed that the tempo did indeed to event at a steadier pact eventually.

Probably the most dramatic part of the entire track was that drop used in the chorus which had such an impact and was such a turning point in the song. I actually enjoyed this oddly because it gave the track a boost of power and lift that backed up the more EDM genre merged into the track. Although what followed next was a tad irritating with the remainder of the chorus a never ending spiral of the over pitched instrumentation which in all honesty lasted way too long that required.

Overall from my perspective as a Fall Out Boy fan even with the elephant in the room being that distinct change in sound, but there were definitely elements within the song that made it still work solidly for me seeing that over the course of the last two years I have broadened my horizons to more genres of music. The lyrics and that beat drop were major positive influencers that I liked however the song still had its weaknesses such as the altering tempo at the beginning and the overly high pitched sounds. But looking at the bigger picture or should I say song as a whole I am digging ‘Young and Menace’ as well as the whole theme for ‘Mania’ too. I feel like anyone who potentially didn’t take a liking to the initial song will hopefully give the accompaniment a chance seeing that there will be plenty more opportunities to discover a sound or song you may favour more when ‘Mania’ gets released in September. Plus if FOB are contently happy taking their music in this direction then to me thats all that really matters.

Lastly can we just take a small moment to appreciate Fall Out Boy’s branding being totally on point at the moment. I’m always inclined to dedicate myself morello a band who has a clear image and branding for a new project and upcoming music. The neon purple, the major heme for the ‘Mania’ era is very visually appealing and coincidentally my favourite colour. The ‘Mania’ era and its theme is my aesthetic! I can definitely relate to Patrick’s synaesthesia so much!

With so many opinions, thoughts, feelings and emotions flying around on social media regarding this new release feel free to vent yours in the comments box no matter how negative or positive your opinion may be.


Fall Out Boy – Young and Menace (YouTube)

Fall Out Boy – Young and Menace (Spotify)


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