Niall Horan ‘Slow Hands’ Track Thoughts & BBC Radio 1 Interview Highlights

Lovers unite! (Totally did not just steal Niall’s collective name for us. Is this like our fandom name for solo Niall?) The second wave of material from Horan himself debuted last week with his contrasting track following on from ‘This Town’ titled ‘Slow Hands’. Not only did he release new music a BBC Radio 1 interview followed where Niall discussed topics including impersonators, backpacking songwriting and sidekicks which will be covered in this post.

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Starting off with the all important review of ‘Slow Hands’ an addictive, audacious and adventurous tune that most definitely exposes Niall’s inner feelings conveyed hugely through his vocals and lyrics more than anything else is completely contrasting to ‘This Towns’ slower, heartfelt vibes. Playing on the more sultry theme its for certain that the lyrical content did not hold back. Lines like ‘Your plans and those slow hands’ and ‘We should take this back to my place’ truly reflect what Niall described the track as “a little bit cheeky”. Its almost as if Niall is following along the same lines of and taking inspiration for the One Direction song ‘Temporary Fix’ which Niall was the prominent vocalist on. Pairing well with portraying the feel of the lyrics and Niall’s vocals on ‘Slow Hands’ are of a tone that I can’t specifically recall Niall utilising before even as part of 1D.  The raw, deep and low tones coming through Horan’s voice accompanied by the earthy electronic guitar and stomp clap effect in the background added a roughness and playfulness to the track which is clearly the approach Niall was aiming to take and demonstrates his range in his singing abilities for him to execute such a low registry the way he did on ‘Slow Hands’. This song is an infectious single following up from ‘This Town’ that I am much more in favour of.

” I’m looking forward to getting back out there and seeing the reaction to the new music and hearing people sing along to songs I spent hours and hours writing.” – Niall Horan.

The day after the big reveal of the second single came the interview, media and press interview with a major one of those in the UK being his BBC Radio 1 Interview with Nick Grimshaw which spanned over the course of a short 15 minuets however a lot of valuable things were covered in this time frame.

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The songwriting topic was rather informative and amusing which saw predominantly Niall explaining the process of songwriting during the time of One Direction and how they delicate material to the band and possibly to themselves as an individual artist. With Horan denying that the boys would keep back material for themselves and they seemed to very much share all songwriting work which makes sense because the 5 years before the hiatus the group put out 5 albums therefore they probably didn’t have much time at all on top of recording, touring and promoting and press that they had a split second to think about solo songs.

” I was literally standing on the stage waiting for the lads to appear” – Niall Horan.

Who’s do you think is more Irish Niall Horan or Ed Sheeran? Well, during the interview that question was discussed. Especially since Ed Sheeran created two heavily inspired Irish-Folk tracks being ‘Galway Girl’ and ‘Nancy Mulligan’ taken from his March album ‘Divide’ which the whole universe seems to know where it was revealed that the majority of Sheehan’s family are indeed Irish suggesting of Ed’s heritage and roots. However Niall came out on top of the competitiveness of Irishness with Niall saying how because he himself is Irish he docent necessarily need to prove it in his music. After all he is an Irish guy singing. 

Source: @BBCR1 (Twitter)

BBC Radio 1 interviews as a whole are effortless to listen to because the topics discussed are rarely even intense which make radio interviews easy going on the ears. With a very lighthearted approach taken in the interview between Niall and Nick Grimshaw an magnificent demonstration of this being when Grimmy mentioned the collaboration between Steve Aoki and bandmate Louis Tomlinson suggesting to Niall that he used to be that close to Tomlinson during the 1D days. Sparking a recruitment in a sidekick for Niall with Olly Murs being the lucky person to be the answer to Niall’s version of Steve Aoki during the meantime the band are on break. Definitely a worthy pairing between Niall and Olly in my opinion and the impression of Olly is extremely uncanny it’s positively disturbing.

Side note, a quick concert update for you all and I was fortunate enough to get a ticket to see Harry Styles of his Autumn solo tour. I know so many fans who unfortunately didn’t get tickets so I feel so lucky right now. Not only will I see Harry but also Niall at Capitals SummerTime Ball which I went to all the way back in 2013 and I am returning this year. I’ll also be seeing All Time Low again at the end of this month and Blink 182 in the Summer so expect some detailed concert experience posts over the next few months. I am beyond estatic! If you are seeing any of these artists let me know in the comments it would be interesting to discover. 
Check out Niall Horan’ s new single ‘Slow Hands’ below and his interview over on the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show also.

Niall Horan – Slow Hands (Audio)

Niall Horan BBC Radio 1 Interview



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