Liam Payne Featuring Quavo ‘Strip That Down’ Track Thoughts

Another extra review type based blog post simply because there is so much new music emerging recently between the boys from One Direction with their solo projects and last but certainly not the least Liam Payne has come out with a collaboration track. Alongside Quavo from the hip-hop based trio Migos the pair released their song ‘Strip That Down’ just yesterday therefore I have many thoughts circling my mind ready to regurgitate right here right now.

Payne has remained true to his musical style with his debut track. As well as all the other One Direction members they have been the fullest representative of them as artists which is extremely humbling and demonstrates that they have the fullest of interested for their solo projects. With Harry travelling down the Rock and Roll route, Louis enhancing his passion for EDM, Niall sticking to the classic Pop sounds and Liam creating Hip-Hop tones which judging my those deep beats extending through the duration of the track and the rapping being the prominent defining element through appointing Quavo alongside Payno himself all these factors speak for themselves giving a clear artistic representation of the styles of music Liam Payne is dabbling in and a rough picture of what is expected from his confirmed upcoming album.

Exploring topics such as One Direction, the past and partying among the lyrics, it suggests that Liam laid his life experiences on the songwriting table co-operationg alongside Ed Sheeran taking advantage not only of his voice but writing lyrics running along the theme of 1D saying the rather dubious line of ‘Now I used to be in 1D now I’m out, free’ meaning that all the boys have gone their separate ways during the hiatus and another likeable lyric ‘I’m not changing the way I used to be’ being the most relatable lyric in the whole piece. With ‘Strip That Down’ most certainly stripping it to the core with the fundamental lyrics of Liam’s life being deeply expressed.

Taking a very contemporary approach on the production front it seemed to be executed greatly. Especially with the team of industry experts and artists behind him with names like Quavo, Ed Sheeran known for his deep pitched ‘Strip that down girl’ line on the chorus and many more names those catchy bass, bars, beats and synths paired with that subtly but effective little vocal harmony Liam is progressively becoming district for in which he has done for years during his One Direction days carrying forth pursuing his solo career hearable in the intro and first verse this proves that the little production sounds make this track what it is.

A very up-tempo, Hip-Hop and club esque track including seriously catchy beats of course dominated through the variety of music Liam listen’s too evidently shows in the genre and styles of his own solo song especially utilising repetition of many lyrics and phrases throughout the track to ensure ‘Strip That Down’ gets embedded in everyones music minds.

Is this the type of music you expected to her from Liam Payne? Leave a comment with your response in the box below.

Listen to and purchase ‘Strip That Down’ by Liam Payne featuring Quavo here:

‘Strip That Down’ – Liam Payne featuring Quavo (Spotify)

‘Strip That Down’ – Liam Payne featuring Quavo (iTunes/Apple Music)

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