Why Do Bands Go On Hiatus Yet Pursue Solo Careers? 

Hiatus, break, interval, sabbatical. There is a wide variety of terms for this one meaning. Defining as when a continuous break is taken, a Hiatus has been upheld by many bands and artists in the music industry. Including Fall Out Boy, Girls Aloud and more recently One Direction to name a handful, all these bands have collectively chosen to put a pause on their time as a group for numerous and perfectly acceptable reasons. However some explanations to a certain extent may be seen as slightly contradictory such as to take time away from the gruelling schedule that a high profile band would require to have some free time after dedicating years of their lives to working hard day in day out at studios, media centres and touring the world. But then why do band members proceed to pursue and create a whole new name, image and brand for themselves as solo artists merely months after embarking a hiatus? Today the topic of breaks and solo careers will be explored to answer the pivotal question as to why do bands go on hiatus yet choose to pursue solo careers?

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Each member wants to make the type of music they are truly passionate about

Artistic development especially in the early stages of a music career is controlled and steered by many people especially by major record labels. Often an artist is moulded in terms of branding, image and sound dependant upon factors such as target demographic and even what genre of music would either be best suited to the artist or by what is commercially viable at that point in time. Sometimes with little room for experimentation especially with emerging artists or those who have no original material who have signed a deal with a big example being One Direction’s case who freshly just came off X Factor and because of their growing fanbase there was a gap in the market for a new boyband who had a specific target market. Therefore its evident through the guys first two albums at least that they were heavily bubblegum pop based in their music which was clearly influenced through their audience at the time and even persuasion by the companies they were affiliated with. With the latter three albums incorporating more rockier tones maybe more room for experimentation and creative control was allowed. Bringing this to the present day with the guys solo careers they have pursued during the bands hiatus and the genre variety between all tracks release so forth are compelling. Not only with One Direction but there has been many cases of band members who have embarked as an individual artist who have took a dramatic turn in sounds of what they were known for as an ensemble. Ultimately the chance of experimentation, creativity, musical influences, freedom as a soloist and even contracts can determine the type of music the artist shows interest in through what they produce.

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They get the refreshing opportunity to experience what it feels like to step out on tour or go into the studio as a one piece. They miss the rewards of being an established artist brings. 

Being able to do everything a band, musician or artist does such as stepping out on stage in prestigious venues to play for thousands upon thousands of people who admire you, create and produce music in a recording studio, travel the world on tour and get to appear on big name television shows is most definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity which many artists embrace and have such a devotion for. Typically with bands that take a break they have been doing all these amazing activities for years on end and will initially for the first few months will keep their profiles low, after all the purpose of a hiatus is too take the chance to have some free time and clear their schedules completely. However because band members or anyone known in music has been accustomed to having such a jam packed calendar daily naturally they would begin to miss touring and making music which is why a solo project would be the next thing on the cards whilst all the other band members either do the same thing or continue with the group hiatus. Of course with the term solo referring to a task carried out my one person unaccompanied this will mean that the former band member can get to experience a whole new perspective of going alone to do all the things they previously one has a burning passion for during their career.

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By pursuing a solo career it still makes the individual member and their band’s name relevant 

Relevance by association would be a hugely common thing for a band member turned soloist to see especially throughout the media and in interviews. Because being a part of a successful band that could be potentially a household name to millions of people you are immediately apart and will always be linked to your bands name simply because thats how fans and people will know you famously for. Even by taking a break away from the band or even utilising 1D’s case again with Zayn departing from the band back in March 2015 despite Zayn coming out with plenty music and has been distanced from One Direction for over two years now in my opinion I still remember him as the guy who was a member of one of my favourite groups to exist even though I still really enjoy his debut album ‘Mind Of Mine’ and any memories I recall of Zayn being a fully pledged solo artist. So by going solo which has been recently seen with Harry, Louis, Niall and Liam predominantly in interviews the boys are constantly questioned about the rest of the One Direction boys in the context of their own music and not only is this hiatus and solo careers enhancing and furthering their careers as individual’s in the music industry, but the bands name is still actively prominent after over 6 years of it becoming public knowledge and still largely used during the current break.

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Why do you think bands go on hiatus but still go onto pursuing solo careers? Let me know your reasons to this question in the comments. Because they are so many opinions to this question that has been playing on my mind recently a difference in opinions and reasons are more than welcome. There is no right or wrong answer.





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