All Time Low at Rose Theatre Kingston Concert Experience 

Prepare for a double dose of All Time Low posts to arrive over the next week. In the run up to the bands seventh album titled ‘Last Young Renegade’ which is now out in the universe today through newly signed record label Fueled by Ramen, Alex Gaskarth, Zack Merrick, Jack Barakat and Rian Dawson returned to London to perform a duo of acoustic shows in conjunction with independent record shop Banquet Records who are renowned for putting on acoustic type shows at the Rose Theatre in Kingston. After seeing All Time Low already two months prior to this show was announced I jumped at the opportunity to see the guys again especially in a more tranquil, relaxed environment. Therefore after attending the gig on Tuesday this week, a concert experience post is most definitely appropriate.

Source: One Fall Out At The Disco

All Time Low, Rose Theatre Kingston Setlist: 

  1. Dirty Laundry
  2. Something’s Gotta Give
  3. Wonderwall (Oasis Cover)
  4. Cinderblock Garden
  5. Life of the Party
  6. Weightless
  7. Therapy
  8. Missing You
  9. Last Young Renegade
  10. Dear Maria

Source: One Fall Out At The Disco

Opening the acoustical gig with ‘Dirty Laundry’ the first instalment from ‘Last Young Renegade’ the album, introduced the setlist for the evening and definitely a hugely relevant song that suited the relaxed manner the show was following suit in. Considering that it is promo season for All Time Low, more recent releases were destined to be on the setlist in order to make as many fans excited and awaiting in anticipation for the album. However a proportionate balance of old classics and refreshing new tunes were all performed effortlessly ranging from ‘Life of the Party’ to ‘Weightless’ despite the concert being noticeably shorter than a standard headlining show there was a song on the bill for every fan.

Source: One Fall Out At The Disco

As a collective, All Time Low got out the tambourines, shakers, cajon and even candles, wine and potted plants to execute the non-electrified show immaculately. The soft picking of guitar strings, gentle taps of the drums and the delicate hum of the bass filled the theatre from downstairs to upstairs accompanied by predominantely Alex’s smooth and low toned vocals which were stunning particularly in songs ‘Life of the Party’ and ‘Cinderblock Garden’ were adapted to suit the type of show this was which was an entirely acoustic only performance, this shows how easily the four guys can contrast and be versatile in terms their instrumental and vocal capabilities.

Source: One Fall Out At The Disco

The entertainment and showmanship value was at an all time high as always it seems with All Time Low. From the courteous regular audience interactions and conversations praising fans artwork to the informative moments like when Alex and Jack discussed their impressive promo week schedule woth Alex expressing the bands admiration for the UK going on to explain how all the music videos for ‘Life of the Party’, ‘Missing You’ and ‘Kids in the Dark’ were all shot within Engalnd all the way to the smaller touches of the show such as the carefully crafted confetti which depicted an weirdly altered version of Alex’s face replacing the queens on an English bank note to the more unexpected moment when Alex threw a pick into the audience which coincidentally deflected off my shoulder this show was an all round flawless gig. 

Source: One Fall Out At The Disco

A calm, harmonious and serene occassion yet entertaining and fun-filled, this gig is on par with one of the best concerts to ever be held. 
(Moment of recognition going out to Alex Gaskarth and Niall Horan’s fashion statements of late with the pair both performing in fedora hats within the space of a day of each other. Fashion icons and more thank likely unintentional friend achievements for sure.)

Have any of you guys seen All Time Low live before or have recently brought tickets to their upcoming tour this year? Let me know in the comments and inform me about your own concert experience too.


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