Liam Payne ‘Strip That Down’ Music Video Thoughts 

Any single is usually accompanied by a video to support the music visually. A fortnight after Liam Payne’s first indication of official solo material called ‘Strip That Down’ a heavily R&B and Hip-Hop combo inspired track was released, Payne prevailed and dropped the assisting music video for the song last week during a YouTube live stream which saw a select audience of fans interacting with Liam himself questioning him upon the album, Bear and hedgehogs from two locations including London and New York which during the livestream is where the music video had its first debut on a global platform. Therefore on this platform my take on the music videos concept will be broadcasted here.

Source: LiamPayneVEVO (YouTube)

An extravaganza of a spectrum of colours proved to be visually gratifying to the eyes throughout the duration of the ‘Strip That Down’ music video definitely living up to the crazy visuals statement. From monochrome shades to an array of neon greens, pinks and blues that all contrasted immeasurably with Liam’s bold outfits which saw Payne go from a heavily black number which included a striped baseball type bomber all the way up the colour chart to a daring gold shiny textured jacket once again to a more plain and modest nude ensemble. Both the background and carefully crafted clothing choices all seemed to oddly co-operate with each other which certainly proved to be eye catching at first glance.

Source: LiamPayneVEVO (YouTube)

Something just as attention grabbing as the colour scheme was the newly introduced choreography to Liam himself. Far from the miniscule movements to what Liam does on stage as part of One Direction in comparison to now with Payne’s new solo career, the dancing has stepped up a whole other level. Intertwining the lyrics and the choreography the moves almost mimic what the lyrics are trying to express in a visual format. For example throughout the lyrics ‘You opened up my heart then you threw away the key’ this depicted Payne touching his chest followed by a throwing motion which clearly demonstrated the lyrics coming to life. Even though this introducing of choreography is a whole new world for Liam to take upon himself, it’s an outlet that so forth has been incorpriated really well acting as a second story teller beside the lyrics that express and enhance the words in the song even further.

Source: LiamPayneVEVO (YouTube)

Long shots, wide shots and those immense close up face shots gave the video style and depth to the music video. Slightly choppy on occasions especially with the combination of the bright ever-changing flashing lights and dancing from the professionals which was somewhat challenging to keep up with here and there at least with the camera work it provided many different perspectives for the viewer of the video which would be much more favourable then one angle lasting the whole three minuets and forty-one seconds.

Source: LiamPayneVEVO (YouTube)

Potentially overwhelming at times, but overall a visual spectacle despite the full length video seeming to differ between the teasers Liam would constantly post upon his Instagram account, nonetheless a vibrant and enjoyable video, set to be the summer anthem of the year in retrospect as a first video without the 1D boys by his side, Payne brought flair, colour and confidence to his debut music video and executed it substantially.

Source: LiamPayneVEVO (YouTube)

Did you have any first impressions of Liam Payne’s first official music video alone? Was you impressed, disappointed or did the video live exactly up to your expectations? Comment as much as you please and be sure to like this post if you are enjoying  Liam’s solo journey so far.

Watch the music video to ‘Strip That Down’ featuring Quavo here:

Liam Payne – Strip That Down (Official Video) ft. Quavo (YouTube)


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