All Time Low ‘Last Young Renegade’ Album Thoughts

Baltimore band and pop-punkers All Time Low have been on the promo trail recently predominantly in America, UK and Japan all for good reason. Their shiny bran new album ‘Last Young Renegade’ was finally released after months of being in the pipeline after the four piece hinted of a new era of All Time Low music back in Febuary. With this group soaring their way up my favourite bands compilation list ‘Last Young Renegade’ deserves a review type thoughts post.

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‘Last Young Renegade’ – All Time Low Track Listing

  1. Last Young Renegade
  2. Drugs and Candy
  3. Dirty Laundry
  4. Good Times
  5. Nice2KnoU
  6. Life Of The Party
  7. Nightmares
  8. Dark Side Of Your Room
  9. Ground Control (Feat, Tegan and Sara)
  10. Afterglow

With the transition in record labels, moving from Fearless records to Fueled By Ramen this change was massively visible across the board in terms of the album, social media and the chain of music videos. With all the band members hyping up the album highly throughout social media especially Instagram on lead singer Alex’s and the bands accounts with the long and meaningful paragraphs of how the album has come to life, posted prior to its release, these words seemed reassuring that this album was going to be magnificent musical masterpiece. With the release of accompanying music videos to half of the tracks off the album which seems to be a common ritual throughout the roster of Fueled By Ramen artists, this strategy created a significant buzz around the band at the most appropriate time of course. However when the full length project dropped with some songs it was kind of a bitter sweet emotion of disappointments but at times also somewhat uplifting and exciting.

Songs such as the title track ‘Last Young Renegade’, ‘Life Of The Party’, ‘Drugs and Candy’  and especially ‘Dark Side Of Your Room’ proved to be a small handful of the pieces that proved to accentuate the more joyous, hopeful and uplifting senses towards this album. Lyrically, instrumentally and the arrangement were all the components that seemed to make this quartet of songs worth listening to. ‘In a sea of strangers, I cant find me anymore’ being such a hard-hitting lyric of identity struggles, this is probably the best lyric of the entire album. Also with these four tracks stated above containing some of the most summer packed instrumentals from the soothing effects used in ‘Last Young Renegade’ to the steady beat of the drums in ‘Dark Side Of Your Room’ all combining with Alex’s comforting vocals these few tracks scattered at different points during the album are undeniable musical treats.

However more towards the closing moments of the album was when the attention towards the songs faded significantly. The two last tracks ‘Ground Control’ and ‘Afterglow’ simply wasn’t completing or catchy enough to hold any interest. Despite track number ten ‘Afterglow’ having a gentle melody combining with Gaskarth’s beautiful vocals these songs just didn’t pack enough punch especially along the lines of instrumentals to make them memorable in comparison to the songs previously mentioned that seemed to tick all the boxes that made them magnificent musical works. 

Overall ‘Last Young Renegade’ is an above mediocre, enjoyable on occasions collation of songs that seemed to be hyped up dramatically weeks prior to only to be a slight disappointment upon its release for a big portion songs on the album that were not released before the full length album. But despite all these conflicting emotions definitely still a fan of All Time Low of course. 

So you agree or disagree with my thoughts on All Time Low’s new project? If you agree definitely like this post to notify me that you are on the same wave length with myself or if you disagree with any of my feelings towards ‘Last Young Renegade’ comment what you thought. All opinions are welcome in the comments section.

Listen, stream and purchase All Time Low’s album ‘Last Young Renegade’ here:

‘Last Young Renegade’ – All Time Low (Spotify)

‘Last Young Renegade’ – All Time Low (iTunes/Apple Music)


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