Summer Playlist 2017

The summer season is in full swing again and to have the best summer possible you need some of the best quality music to accompany this time of the year. With the most effective way to compile all of your favourite tracks in one place is to create a playlist off all your favourite summer themed songs. With every four stages of the year my playlist which will be on repeat for the duration of the next three months will be divulged and explained below.

Honest – Shawn Mendes 

The music industry seems to be in total Mendes mania recently especially since his studio album debut began back in 2013 with ‘Handwritten’ with a follow up sophomore album years later with the highly reviewed ‘Illuminate’ rightly shooting the teen to popularity and appreciation amongst many. Seeing Shawn at the Summertime Ball for the first time instantly a new found discovery of admiration and appreciation for both Mendes and his music began. ‘Honest’ taken from the latter of the two albums has the perfect proportionate balance of upbeat acoustic guitar with the sleek sweet tones in Mendes’ voice its everything summer is about in a compact song.

Dark Side Of Your Room – All Time Low

With this year album instalment coming from band All Time Low in the shape of ‘Last Young Renegade’ receiving a whole heap of mixed reviews, despite my moderate liking towards the album itself track number  eight named ‘Dark Side Of Your Room’ was a golden nugget amongst the compilation of other silver worthy songs. ‘Dark Side Of Your Room’ provides an electrifying, uplifting and inspirit injection of sound into an album that overall sets a meteorological, anthem tone for the entirety of ‘Last Young Renegade’.

Strip That Down – Liam Payne (Featuring Quavo) 

It’s becoming an ever long pattern that every year one massive tune hits the radio, streaming services and the internet that instantly becomes the world populations summer anthem.This year speaking behalf of thousands of individuals that the anthem has been discovered and identified as ‘Strip That Down’ an absolute scorcher of a song created behind the scenes by Ed Sheeran and Steve Mac and obviously the front of house vocalists Migos’ Quavo and of course Liam Payne himself. The R&B inspired beat and smooth vocals of Payno all acquire together for the ultimate summer themed piece.

Rose-Colored Boy – Paramore 

With the release of the Tennessee trio’s fifth synth cross funk cross pop sound album called ‘After Laughter’ despite ‘Hard Times’ being such a sensational hit and solid comeback song from all the departures and the literal hard time Paramore have endured , the second instalment in the album ‘Rose-Colored Boy’ even down to the wording and spelling of the title of the track not to mention what the song itself has to offer is so precise, detailed and infectiously catchy. The funk filled guitars and the quieter vocals of Hayley Williams in the chorus are ideal for this season.

Only Angel – Harry Styles 

The stand out masterpiece of a track taken from Styles solo inauguration self titled album was the first song to be placed on this playlist. Uplifting harmonic and angelic sounds fill the introduction as the song throws a curve ball and suddenly Styles’ rocky, raspy, grainy vocals introduce the verse and set the tone for the duration of ‘Only Angel’ with an almighty punch. With the combination of uplifting instrumentals yet authentic lyrics this track is fantastic to listen ataxy place in any environment.

Simple Things – Above Waves 

Quadruple all male ensemble Above Waves signed to US independent label Strange Music create EDM styled music. With one of their original songs ‘Simple Things’ being highly appealing and living up to the summertime vibes, this tracks a must for this collation of tracks. The chilled musical effects used throughout the track predominantly located in the intro give a cool calming effect and in this weather this season brings its a unique way to refresh through the medium of music alone.

Slow Hands – Niall Horan 

Sitting comfortably next to band mate Payne’s solo venture ‘Strip That Down’ as the summer anthems for the year, Niall Horan’s seconds single ‘Slow Hands a follow up from a slow and steady country-pop ‘This Town’ are two hugely contrasting numbers. Sophisticated, sensual and satisfying just about sum up ‘Slow Hands’ and why it is a monument of a song especially for the summer time.

Up In Here – 5 After Midnight 

Third place former X Factor contestants boyband 5 After Midnight originally introduced as 5 A.M are an emerging group consisting of members Kieran, Nathan and Jordan that are making big waves in the industry of late. With the trio newly signed to Syco a record label subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment gave the guys the platform to finally release their first piece of original material with their debut single being titled ‘Up In Here’. A very dynamic tune with the song going through its phases of low-key moments leading up to the contagiously  memorable chorus, this song mustang be missed from any bodies summer playlist.

Made In America – Waterparks 

Recently bursting and breaking onto the alternative place in the music industry Waterparks composed of a trio of members Awsten Knight, Geoff Wigington and Otto Wood after releasing their November debut album ‘Double Dare’ went on to furthering their career  as an opener for previously mentioned band All Time Low in the UK which is the form of introduction of Waterparks I received despite the whole first album being incredibly contestant throughout ‘Made In America’ is a favourable track. If your summer playlist is in need of a rock addition add this song to your summer playlist immediately.

Feeling This – Blink-182 

Blink-182 concert on the horizon means Blink-182 music on my playlist. With July 19th fast approaching a mere month away the trio’s setlist is being listened to as part of some concert preparation. With the concert being in summer out of the designated songs shaping up to be on the London show list, opener ‘Feeling This’ is one of the top summer packed songs on there. With twanging electric guitars and a highly up tempo feel this song packs such a boost of energy every time it’s consumed by the ears. Quick honourable mention to anthem part 2 which is rapidly becoming one of my favourite Blink songs in existence taken from my favoured Blink-182 album ‘Take Off Your Pants and Jacket’.

Do you have a summer playlist that contains some incredible tunes for this period of the year that you personally swear by? Type some songs or live a link to your own playlists that you have curated in a comment.

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Summer Playlist 2017



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