My Favourite Band Members (Part 3) 

With the music world packed full of established big name bands ranging to emerging artists and groups who are hopeful to peruse a professional career in the industry this means there are always plenty of bands, groups and ensembles that will suit all our individual musical tastes. Naturally when we indenting a band that creates the type of music you enjoy and over time you will grow to like every member in that particular group however it’s undeniable that every single time one member you will identify with immediately making them your favourite band member. As promised part of my favourite band members series the third instalment is her win conjunction with the two previous posts in this category.

Source: Golden Arrow Newspaper

Hayley Williams – Paramore 

Front female member of the 2004 band Paramore, Hayley Williams is such a multi-talented being experimenting in various ventures such as singing, songwriting, instrumentalist and even going solo teaming up with other individuals in the industry. Quirky, vibrant and kind about sum up Williams in a compressed amount of words and thats only talking about her personality not even mentioning her evolution of an array of rainbow  hair colours Hayley has gone through throughout the years which is one of the elements that make Hayley Williams a favourite band member.

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Patty Walters – As It Is

Gaining popularity and recognition as a Youtuber uploading countless covers and more trivial videos on occasions which was the main catalyst sending him into a professional career with him and the rest of his bandmates Patrick Foely, Andy Westhead, Alistair Testo and Ben Blissington collectively renowned as As It Is. Allowing his charismatic, bubbly and happy self shaping him as a person both online and as a frontman of a successful group in reality Patty is a person who is hard not to like.


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David Boyd – New Politics 

The copenhagen collective called New Politics spiked in awareness at the point of their song ‘West End Kids’ which saw the video containing some fellow current artists and alumni of the label like Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, Travie Mccoy and LOLO. With the whole band beaming and bursting with talent with practical all of them being mule-instumentalists and songwriters David Boyd nonetheless has to be the selective favourite of the band. 

Source: @tonyperry @sammyroenfeldt (Instagram)

Tony Perry – Pierce The Veil 

Contrary to the remark previously mentioned during this series that normally bass players and main vocalists are the favourites in the band the next individual contradicts that statement slightly. Tony Perry the guitarist of four piece ensemble Pierce The Veil portrays and brings a very sinserly and warm atmosphere to any given performance as a band and alone interviews alike there is a certain charisma that Tony Perry has that makes him unique as a seperate enterty as a band member.

Band enthusiasts! Who are some of your favourite band members amongst your repertoire? Name drop in the comments as many people as you would like until you are content.

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