Why You Shoulden’t Get Downhearted About An Artists Setlist 

A debatable topic that has come to light in more recent occurring’s basing around lead vocalist of the largely known band All Time Low, Alex Gaskarth has publically declared through a strong of Tweets on social media platform Twitter essentially elaborating on the process of picking tracks for setlists in this circumstance for All Time Low’s upcoming ‘Last Young Renegades’ North American tour essentially shining some first hand light on that setlists will not be able to please every single fan of the group. With this struggle happening to touring artists whether they should incorporate newer material for the recent fans or throw in some old classics for the long time fans, here are some reasons why you should try not to complain when it comes to artists setlists.

The artist has a tough enough desicion picking tracks from their repertoire 

Applying massively to more established artists who have been active in the industry for several years this should translate into meaning they have an extensive selection of music already in their own discography this can be a challenging factor already let alone considering the other essential deciding elements that can determine choice of setlist. Venue, Audience, Atmosphere, Feel and tempo can also be vital things that aid an artist and their screw into creating a setlist for a long running tour. It’s obvious that the artist will listen to what their audience wants to a certain extent in order to please their flocks of people that will eventually fill the stalls and seats at these upcoming concerts however this can be tougher to do than anticipated.

It’s virtually impossible to please each individual fan amongst such a large following

Looking at artists such as One Direction, Beyonce, Little Mix and Ariana Grande each of these people accumulate to having a following in their millions upon millions and even though artists are more than likely open to suggestion from the people that have supported them vigorously throughout various points in they career its impossible for the artist to take on board everybody opinions of their favourite tracks. Potentially having to find alternate ways like judging crowd pleasing tunes through the amounts of downloads or streams and putting their crew to doing extensive market research these strategies are about the best you can get in terms of listening to what the fans want to hear performed live.

There is a likely chance that there will be plenty more opportunities to see the artist in a live environment again 

Even though with bands and soloists who are officially branded and are receiving plentiful amount of success over time more and more people will be joining the never ending sea of fans contrary to the statement above it will seem to become increasingly tougher to get those precious tour tickets. However luck of the draw being on your side and the simple fact that in this modern day your favourite artists will be looking to pack in as many tours, concerts, festival appearances and gigs as humanly possible because it is the most lucrative income stream and the potential to make money is Available. Lately it was demonstrated that Harry Styles’ first batch of shows which were in smaller theatre like venues spanning across the UK, Europe and America sold out in minuscule time the next step taken was expanding the tour onto a more prominent and bigger scale probably because of the amount of income generated originally there was room for not only Styles’ benefit but the fans to gain another chance to witness his solo self live and the more times you see a person in concert the contingent for a switch up in setlist is apparent.

Why do you think artists receive a lot of backlash over their choices of songs contained on a setlist? Leave your thoughts and opinions below as to why you think people shouldn’t get downhearted or complain about tracks destined to be performed on a future tour underneath this post.

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