7 Years of One Direction 

23rd July 2010. Five teenage guys named Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik were composed into a group on the X Factor after being unsuccessful as solo artists. They formed a band and named themselves One Direction. 7 years later and with countless awards under their belt, touring the world several times, creating 5 albums, 4 perfumes, 4 official books, 3 dvd’s and having 1 dedicated fan base to support them throughout their musical journey, One Direction have come on to take the music industry by unpresidented storm. Now today we are going to relive some of the groups biggest moments and highlights of their career.

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Up All Night Album

Paving the way for the breakout boyband at the time, not long after signing a worldwide record deal with Sony, Syco and Columbia almost immediately after stepping foot off the X Factor, a little over a year later on 18th November 2011 One Direction’s full length record was dropped, setting the tone for the bands music which later developed into a more mature sound. However with the first album titled Up All Night this was the first distinctive stepping stone which gained the guys attention from music critics alike and a social media surge of fans in all corners of the globe invested their time and effort into One Direction with a new wave of fans was established. The album went on to receive generous amounts of success with the band being one of the first British talents to debut on the top spot on Billboards charts with their opening album.

Source: One Direction This Is Us (Film)

This Is Us  

Throughout One Direction’s sophomore tour appropriately titled the same as their second record, the interest that the Take Me Home tour generated alongside the band themselves caught the attention of documentary based film creator Morgan Spurlock who collaborated alongside One Direction and numerous other influencial individuals such as Ben Winston to direct, produce and distribute the first documentary film outside of concert dvd’s One Direction have under their discography named This Is Us which saw the movie explore life on the road as a touring artist, divulged in how the groups fanbase expanded and gave an in-depth insight into a typical 1D gig. The film held one of its red carpet premiers in London’s Leister Square with this singular occasion being one of the biggest accomplishments especially because This Is Us holds the 3rd position in the highest grossing music films ever.

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Where We Are Tour 

With the announcement of the 5 piece’s first worldwide stadium tour happening back in 2013 this was the first time in One Direction’s touring history where the ensemble hit upon something mammoth in comparison to their previous, smaller scale theatre and arena tours the third headlining round of touring known better as Where We Are Tour stepped it up to world famous stadium venues including Wembley Stadium, San Siro Stadium and Gillette Stadium being the most paramount. With the tour associated with the rockier sounding Midnight Memories completing a run of 69 concerts taking in over a staggering 200 million pounds in earnings this financially made the Where We Are Tour the most lucrative tour in 1D memory.

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1D Day

Tapping into media marketing in order to promote Midnight Memories, during Autumn 2013 after months of planning and preparing for the event with much fan and celebrity involvement needed, 1D Day took place. Taking residence at Los Angeles YouTube space a 7 hour long lifestream hosted by all the boys in segments having features like acoustic performances, question and answer sessions, world record breaking attempts, challenges and even a Lilac Niall and Payne Train slot, the whole concept of 1D Day brought the friendly interactive hangout to wherever you live in the world.

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After having 5 years of relentlessness as a group, it was deserved time that 1D took a break commencing after their final performance as an ensemble back on the platform where it all began, for the guys it was a positive yet heavy heartedly move to make. Providing them all with the opportunity to take a moment out of the intensity of being apart of one of the world biggest bands its has opened up individual pathways for each of the members. With the full circle of Harry, Louis, Liam and Niall all brining out solo material that has done unbelievable well already with Harry and Niall proceeding to confirm tours and Harry again pushing the boat out making his acting debut in summer war film Dunkirk, this sebatical has been a breath of fresh air simultaneously making the guys stronger as a band to make a comeback in the future to come.

Can you relate to any of these stand out moments that have occurred during One Direction’s career? If you do drop a comment along with some of your personal highlight’s of the bands time together and also let me know if you have seen Dunkirk yet. It is a truly breathtaking film with an insanely talented cast thats definite.


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