Chester Bennington 

Chester Bennington singer, songwriter, musician and icon in the music scene, unfortunately, passed away last Friday due to suicide.

Centre vocalist in the near on two decade reigning band Linkin Park as well as other projects including Dead by sunrise and Stone Temple Pilots, Chester through and through was and still will be a insightful, compassionate and phenomenal talent. Introducing genres like nu-metal as well as a helping of rap to a mainstream media and audience which isn’t the easiest of endeavours which over time built up such a stable community of fans who enhanced and supported the groups selection of many records including Meteora, A Thousand Suns, The Hunting Party and more newly One More Light.

His interaction of online presence demonstrated that Bennington cared deeply for those who cared for him and truly enjoyed what he was passionate about. The music and the fans. 

Chester may no longer be here however, his string of effort, work and dedication to the industry in the form of his many ventures will leave a large indentation for music enthusiasts in decades to come down the line.

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