Concert & Festival Essentials

With the festival season rolling around for another year worldwide but particularly in the UK along with the summer hive of concerts happening as we speak such as Reading and Leeds Festival, Southwest Four and Creamfields all large scale outdoor events that are on the horizon, packing and preparing for these festivals or concerts can take much organisation and hugely time-consuming. Therefore to save time, effort and energy, below are an essential list of items that you should be packing if you are attending a festival or concert this season.


Being blatant with the elephant in the room, stating the obvious tickets are the paramount necessity needed for a gig, concert or festival. Tickets play such a vital role in beginning any form of musical memories of an event simply because they are the golden item that gives you access into the designated venue, plus they make a fantastic souvenir to remember the occasion by.

Rain Mac 

With festival season proceeding in the UK right now, England can be notoriously renowned for its uncertainty in weather conditions, particularly during the Summer months. With a festival typically spanning over the course of a few days and nights no matter if the forecast predicts a heatwave if a rain coat is not packed in your bag this can lead to being one of the most foolish decisions. Even when the nighttime breaks in the UK temperatures tend to dip it would be greatly wise to have a light rain jacket to hand throughout the nighttime or for those unpredictable rain spells.


Tent, caravan, hotel or lodge whatever form of shelter you choose for a gig or festival is one of the things on this list that you must be prepared to organise or purchase well in advance. Research into the type and size or tent or nearest hotel to get a rough idea of elements such as price, size, fixtures and fittings you will need some form of shelter and residence to return to after a long day of singing, jumping and dancing to get some must required sleep and rest.

Tinned Beans 

A versatile tinned matter that can cater for absolutely everybody, Baked beans out of all the food products you can bring must be a priority. Edible and ready for consumption even without a stove they are nutritiously filling and reasonably healthy compared to the fast food being sold for extortionate prices in the food caterers at your place of residence for the festival. Easy, affordable and resourceful beans can give you the health break from the chips, hot dogs or burgers that your body will be calling out for by the end of the last few moments of the festival.

Headache Tablets 

The noise and intensity of loud vibrations combined with live music can be overwhelming and profound for every type of concert or festival goer. Depending on the venue it may be questionable when it comes to medicine and substances of this form however it’s always better to be safe than sorry when your health is dragged into the situation. Take some form of general medication such as Paracetamol or Ibuprofen before or during the musical extravaganza to avoid being dragged down or inflicted with a pounding headache.


The saviour of blisters and cuts, plasters or even bandages are a massive precautionary measure that would be a highly realistic step to take. With the amount of travelling via foot, you will be enduring getting to different stages and back to your accommodation throughout your stay, even the trustiest pair of wellies or trainers can eventually rub or cut your feet which are the last thing you want to ruin your time out in the open air. Throw a pack of plasters into your backpack and you will thank yourself for it later.

Wherever you may live in the globe if you have any festival based events that you are looking or are definitely attending drop some names in the comments box along with one of the most treasurable and memorable memories you have through going to any musical matter.

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