Thirty Seconds To Mars ‘Walk on Water’ Track Thoughts 

It may have been more than thirty seconds since the LA trio Jared Leto, Shannon Leto and Tomo Miličević put out their latest instalment with ‘Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams’ being their most recent album. Although it’s shaping up that Mars is coming especially with yesterday’s single dropping of brand new track titled ‘Walk on Water’ being the major hint and clue as to what the heavily teased upcoming album will entail sound wise with the hints that ‘Walk on Water’ has been dispersing ever since its upload to streaming services and music media library’s.

An almighty synth gospel type humming reverberation acting as the opener to the four year long anticipated track sets the tone for the duration with the gospel type choir yet with a synth-rock glimpse style being the reoccurring theme with items such as big bold drum and stomping moments truly injecting the song with the much-needed boost of alternative music it needs to carry off the whole empowering, sense of strength vibe the track is clearly aiming for which is something Thirty Seconds To Mars have been familiar with in previous music ventures especially during the whole ‘This Is War’ album era.

Leto’s vocals are certainly a thing of absolute quality overlapping the vigorous ticking synth beats and steady drumming antics, with his tone and range progressively changing to suit the impact the lyrics should have at particular times throughout with Leto eventually screaming the all important ‘Times are changing’ line. Sometimes Jared’s voice fades into an exasperating wail for the minority in the bridge section, although a strong performance from the front man vocalist himself nonetheless.

It’s traditionally known that actions speak louder than words however in this new musical instalment from the trio band have proven that this old tale can sometimes be a beautiful lie. With lines like ‘Breaking all those promises made’ and ‘The far right, the left view’ expressed Jared Leto heavily touching upon topics of the political situation in America of late, with the most prominent lyrics appropriately summing up the circumstances state side as ‘Times are changing’.

Anthemic, authoritative and dynamic across the board of lyrics, vocals and instrumentals all compelling each other to create and expose such a powerful rock sound and deep meaning explaining the current state of affairs in the US, ‘Walk on Water’ is a song which is so influential in providing the idea to battle for what you believe in and make a stand in the world.

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Check out the brand new Thirty Seconds To Mars track ‘Walk on Water’ here:

Thirty Seconds To Mars ‘Walk On Water’ (Spotify)

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Thirty Seconds To Mars ‘Walk On Water’ Lyric Video (YouTube)


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