Niall Horan ‘Too Much To Ask’ Track Thoughts 

Horan’s hits continue as his solo career is evermore taking flight. Beginning his individual journey in music in September last year with his first piece ‘This Town’ a country-pop themed track that expressed a high level of raw authenticity and a storytelling narrative throughout the lyrical content of the song gathered a great reception internationally achieving silver, gold and platinum status across all major territories. Following up with summer sensation ‘Slow Hands’ a more playful and suggestive affair working with a familiar face from the 1D days with Julian Bunetta writing on the track to the second installment of Horan’s solo flight injects a funky contemporary vibe to the proceedings. Lastly bringing Niall’s music to the present day last week the Irish born singer-songwriter dropped a double scoop of music news in the form of a full-length audio of his brand new wholehearted number ‘Too Much To Ask’ which along with all his previous endeavours are to be featured on Niall Horan’s debut album titled ‘Flicker’ set to be released this Autumn on the 20th October being the second part of the news received a couple of days ago. With ‘Too Much To Ask’ yet again revealing an unseen side to Niall, find below my thoughts and review of the track.

Upon listening to the track the immediate establishment of the instrumentals with the most prominent of the group being the piano instantly sets the mood for the remainder of the tune is a modern take on a ballad. Tender and humble chords and general melodic structure of the keys fill in the gaps of the track where it lacks Horan’s vocals or any additional instrumentation such as the crisp electronic guitar and the comforting drums which appear later on in the verse and chorus that all work magnificently together.

‘Slow Hands’ definitely showcased an untamable approach to Niall as an artist but in this case, he stepped up his game bringing some language to the lyrics that enhanced Horan’s indulgent choice of words. Explicit lyrics Niall sings eloquently explores a deep longing and brings to the surface emotional memories of an ex-significant individual that Horan is holding onto. ‘My shadows dancing without you for the first time’ and ‘My heart is hoping you’ll walk right in tonight’ leading onto ‘Tell me there are things that you regret cause if I’m being honest I ain’t over you yet’ effortlessly tell the tale of a story of heartbreak that gets you emotionally attached with Niall ultimately begging the question you too as a listener are wondering ‘Is it too much to ask?’.

Carefully composed throughout all the essential instrumentals, vocals and production exhibit an elegant touch with the melodic piano overlaying with Horan’s velvet vocals whilst singing the authentic and realistic lyrical arrangement, Niall has pulled it off once more with ‘Too Much To Ask’ being that slow, sentimental and soul-stirring song everyone needs throughout those rainy day, wistful moments in life.

What does ‘Too Much To Ask’ mean or convey to you? Comment your views and approach on what story the lyrics are telling you considering that everybody’s opinion and views vary it would be intriguing to discover if the song has similarities or differences compared to my thoughts and feelings towards the third single revealed to be on Horan’s debut record.

Check out ‘Too Much To Ask’ by Niall Horan here:

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Niall Horan ‘Too Much To Ask’ (Soundcloud)


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