What To Expect If You’re Attending Harry Styles’ Solo Tour 

Styles solo tour has officially begun! Shooting to solo success when Harry released his debut single ‘Sign Of The Times’ earlier in Spring this year shortly accompanied by an entire self-titled album featuring 10 tracks including the rock-infused ‘Kiwi’, mellow ‘Meet Me in the Hallway’ and modern ‘Woman’. With both the single and record doing exceedingly well in the charts, streams, purchases and critical reception this left one thing to be announced. With Styles announcing two tours extending to next year considering the first one sold out capacities of small theatrical venues in minuscule amounts of time this first leg of his solo embarkment has commenced with Harry hitting the road this Tuesday kicking off his string of live shows beginning in San Francisco and extending further over the course of 3 months traveling to destinations including Paris, London, Milan and Tokyo Styles is definitely on the road again. If like me you are some of the fortunate bunch of people to get your hands on some of these incredibly hard tickets you may want to familiarise yourself because here are a handful of the events that you can expect if you are attending Harry Styles first solo tour.

Source: Terence Patrick, CBS, The Late Late Show

Eclectic Outfits

Styles’ style over the course of the last three years has defined his fashion sense and taste in how he presents himself. Living a career that is majorly in the spotlight on stage, during interviews, attending events and appearances or on break going about his daily business, it has become apparent that Harry has a very pristine, eclectic and sophisticated wardrobe. From his love of Chelsea boots to designer floral and plaid suits and vibrant print patterned shirts to satin flared trousers is evident throughout Styles’ fashion evolution that he has become a much more daring, bold and adventurous style icon. With Harry’s pending tour commencing it is highly likely that a pinstripe, floral and checkered number will be sported on the stage.

Source: @harrystyles (Instagram)

Aesthetically Pleasing Merchandise

When the grand unveiling of the ‘Sign Of The Times’ artwork alongside the self-titled LP picture work and album photoshoot that came along with Harry’s debut record artistic direction is something Styles didn’t underestimate. Pastel, aquatic and flamboyant are running themes depicted with Harry submerged in baths of water accompanied by vivid color shades of pink and red that take center stage meanwhile Styles remains unidentifiable by facial features which he keeps under wraps in the duo of artwork for his lead single and album. With Harry’s solo artistry clear this is a factor he could pursue to design onto his tour merchandise. Expect some carefully crafted and delightfully aesthetically pieces of clothing, posters, and accessories at the merch stand on the Harry Styles live on tour venture.

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Rockstar Charisma

Since paving his way as an individual in the music industry Styles has become quite the rock and roller. From admitting his musical inspirations that influenced his very own introductory record with the likes of Fleetwood Mac, David Bowie and Pink Floyd all long-serving figures that infused rock into their music Harry has embraced his newfound sense of music and even gone beyond to incorporate this charisma into his persona on stage during that energetic performance of ‘Kiwi’ on the Late Late Show and photo shoots such as the famous picture above which was released during the promo period for the release of his  long-playing album. Being dubbed the Mick Jagger of this time a sprinkle of H’s inner rockstar character is imminent on his string of gigs.

Source: today.com

Stockholm Syndrome

Developing emotions used as a tactic of survival in a hostage case, throwing back to One Directions fourth album ‘Four’ song ‘Stockholm Syndrom’ complies with the definition of the title stating in the tracks lyrics ‘Who’s that shadow holding me hostage’ with the entirety of the chorus defining what Stockholm syndrome actually means in a musical format, Harry Styles has taken a liking to the 1D track ever since the groups hiatus. Performing the track for the first time since the On The Road Again tour during Styles Today show plaza performance with the crowd at the time going absolutely wild for the throwback tune, it is sure to be a feature on Harry’s setlist as well as a few extra sneaky One Direction songs paying homage to his time in the band.

Are you set to be attending the Harry Styles Live on Tour? Write your location and date of your show and your take on occurrences that you imagine to happen during Styles live shows too and even if you happen to not grabbed a ticket still comment events that you predict will happen whilst H is on stage.

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