How To Survive General Admission Concerts

One of the toughest things a music fan can endure not including actually going through ticketing sites to grab hold of gig tickets in the first place but is to actually make it out alive on the other side when entering a general admission concert. General admission shows can sometimes equal complete chaos, manic mania and heaps of havoc which are raised in circumstances that involve standing or unreserved seating but even getting to your placement allocated on the type of ticket you purchased can be a mission. Travelling to the venue, queuing, doors opening and finding your seat or standing position and remembering to have the best time when the act comes on stage are all events concert goers proceed to do every single time. So for your next upcoming gig and from experience picked up on previously here are some tips, tricks, and hacks on how to survive general admission concerts when queue hopping, fast track or VIP is not an option.

With a group of people? Stick together 

Dependant upon the capacity of the venue typically you can be a tiny minority amongst hundreds if not thousands of other individuals and groups of people in a tightly compact environment even when lining up awaiting upon the opening time. As you slowly enter the venue and find a spot whether this is in a stadium, arena, amphitheatre or club if you and a group of friends have come together to the gig it’s paramount that you try and stay together to ultimately appreciate the performance and enjoy each others company. However if you happen to be slipt up which can be a big probability when pushing is added to the equation if you are in a standing zone it pays to be organised and before the concert date always arrange a meeting point and ensure you have the correct contact details of one another so if you do disperse or get lost you will be able to re-group without the unwanted hassle of having to try and identify your friendship group or get into communication with them.

Have your ticket to hand

The one thing that is the most vital piece of paper you can behold on the day of a tour second to your form of identification is, of course, your concert ticket which you should have received via the post, printed or collected from the box office before joining the appropriate queue. Once you notice you are making progress moving closer and closer to the doors it’s time to ensure your access ticket if firmly gripped in your hands ready for a venue assistant to scan and check so you can enter the venue in the smallest amount of time possible. Although if like many other music fans you like to collect your used tickets to keep as a souvenir put it away immediately when it is no longer required. You have definitely paid enough money for the ticket so treasure it like it deserves!

Acquaint yourself with the layout of the venue

Music venues can be rather complex to find yourself getting around particular with tours on the larger scale that are put on stadiums such as Wembley Stadium or the Gillet Stadium which bear up to tens of thousands of people all at one time. So if you want to combat the fear of getting lost or just not being able to grasp your bearings do your research. This can include paying a visit to the venue’s website or simply google imaging pictures, layout, and maps of the place and even if you can bringing it with you on the big day. Never fear if you don’t have the patience to acquaint yourself with the structure of the venue there will be plenty of stewards and guards to be on hand with directions to find yourself back in your seat, getting food or discovering the right exit in no time at all.

Try not to bring a bag

Understandably if you are camping outside the venue or are subsequently far away from home and had to travel a decent distance for the live music event you may find yourself with extra baggage or a place to store your concert essentials is perfectly acceptable by anyone’s standards especially the venues if they are stored in a small compact handheld shoulder bag, pouch or mini backpack. However even if it’s a tiny bag it could cause delay when entering through security checks which have in recent times become largely more vigorous due to the fact you will have to have yourself a body scan and your bag emptied and scouted through its contents for possibility of restricted items which can typically be found on the venue’s website. Instead you can wear items like trousers with deep pockets or a light jean jacket works well with various compartments because not only are you preventing yourself from having the time of your life jumping around and having ultimate amounts of fun but it could cause aggravation and bother to those around you in standing situations when you bag is consistently ramming into individuals which is something experienced among my gigs attended.

Recite a time where you have experienced either the best or the worst general admission concert you have attended in the past. For example, mine was when I attended All Time Low’s UK tour this year getting into the venue along was virtually impossible and standing throughout the gig was a mission to even stand upright. Leave a comment with your general admission tale.

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