Autumn Playlist 2017

Pumpkins, red ombre leaves, and scarfs are all back on the scene because Autumn has arrived once more. With a turn in the seasons and the word Autumnal being on the tips of everyone’s tongues at the moment, this calls for a crisp playlist of tracks compiled together that are either new releases this period or are songs that inject a flavor of Halloween and long woodland walks in an audible format.


I Got Time – Bebe Rexha

Brooklyn born female vocalist who has only been active in music in the past few years has definitely built a persona for herself. Originating as a co-writer and member of Black Cards an endeavor conjured by Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz, Bebe has gone under the radar in previous years before hitting the jackpot which has included working with Louis Tomlinson on ‘Back To You’ and releasing her part one and part two accompaniments for the ‘All Your Fault’ EP which does feature song ‘I Got Time’. The explicit song that is solely Bebe on the EP has attitude, sass and does exactly what it says on the tin.

Source: I Don’t Know How But They Found Me


A duo compiled of touring bassist member of Panic! At The Disco’s Dallon Weeks alongside former drummer of the group Falling in Reverse known individually as Ryan Seaman. A pair of people who have had experience in bands must come together to make one great group correct? IDKHOW  has discretely given to the music industry this year with their single ‘Modern Day Cain’. 80’s electronic-funk can only describe the introductory material from the band with a synth sensation and whity words compromising the piece. Lead vocalist Dallon who is currently on the road gigging at small venues on this project has stated in Rocksound that plentiful amount of new songs are on their way as soon as possible when Weeks said “I’ve ended up with some time on my hands and a whole backlog of songs and ideas with no real outlet to use them in”. It appears that more and more people are about to find out about I Don’t Know How But They Found Me.

Source: @imjmichaels (Instagram)

Pink – Julia Michaels

Just announced as the support act for Niall Horan’s UK 2018 tour, Julia Michaels the 23-year-old from Iowa made her markings behind closed doors as an established songwriter for high profile female artists like Gwen Stefani. Only just putting her talents to pursue her own ambitions, Michaels who has songwriter blood run in the family with Jaden, older sister having a similar discography put out a debut EP ‘Nervous System’ which explores themes of personal issues. ‘Pink’ however has a second party storyline which breaks the pop style Julia is headed in and adds elements of Dance is the breakdown of the instrumentation.

Source: @americansatan (Instagram)

Let Him Burn – The Relentless (Amercian Satan Soundtrack)

The Halloween month of October is about to welcome a new film called American Satan. Featuring Black Veil Brides frontman Andy Biersack as a lead character Johnny Faust, the thriller depicts an emerging band hit the road on the Sunset Strip to promote their rockstar careers which eventually gets out of control as their music and culture, effects society following in the footsteps of the Faustian deal hence the narrative of American Satan. The Relentless, the band comprised of British and American descent adapted songs which are in the soundtrack to the motion picture. Mysterious, dark and somber in context of lyrics, instrumentals and vocals make ‘Let Him Burn’ a spooky, menacing track to add to a Halloween party playlist.

Source: Kinky Boots

Step One – Stark Sands

Brendon Urie took a period away from Panic! to showcase his acting and vocal insanity on Broadway playing one of the lead roles as Charlie Price in the adaptation of film to show Kinky Boots. Of course with many extravagant musical numbers dispersed throughout the play, songs associated with Kinky Boots are available to purchase and stream as a soundtrack. With ‘Soul of a Man’ holding the highest reputation as one of the more widely known tracks on the compilation, ‘Step One’ sung by Stark Bunder Sands the primal Charlie Price brings an enthusiastic, positive and marvellous outlook on life which is something absolutely everybody needs in a song even if you are not familiarised with musicals. Although everybody is still waiting for you to come over and do a stint in the London showing of Kinky Boots Urie.

Source: @harrystyles (Instagram)

Meet Me in the Hallway – Harry Styles

Harry Styles live on tour is doing full circle and Styles is back for the UK leg of his first lone tour at the end of this month. In preparation for the event not to mention supply the Autumnal playlist with another addition, track one on the self titled debut ‘Meet Me In The Hallway’ opens up the album but it’s mellow vocals and minimal instrumental arrangement ticks all the boxes for a track to pop up on shuffle and be on repeat whilst the crackling of a wood fire calmly crumbles in the background.

Source: @echosmith (Instagram)

Future Me – Echo Smith

With the ‘Inside a dream’ album approaching, band Echosmith the sibling ensemble made their breakthrough as the ‘Cool Kids’ a song that sold over the 1 million barrier making it the fifth best selling song back in 2014 on theWarner Bros roster. Making a name for themselves through free performances, releases and their inhabitation of musical family members with outside influences like Switchfoot kick-starting the band. A reflection of Owl City x Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘Good Time’, Echosmith encouraging track ‘Future Me’ will leave you positively full of life.

Source: @charli_xcx (Instagram)

Boys – Charli XCX

‘I was busy thinking bout boys’. Charli XCX’ summer anthem ‘Boys’ is cheerful, fun-filled and bubbly. The follow-up visuals in other terms the music video features an extensive array of you guessed it, boys. Brendon Urie, Stormzy, and Oli Sykes were a small minority of the troop of guys eating pancakes, smothered under red petals and ripping up pink guitars all daily activities it seems boys simply do. Despite the summer themes in the track, catchiness is like a contagious bug which isn’t seeming to go away even after almost three months of existence.

Source: @blackveilbrides (Instagram)

The Vow – Black Veil Brides

The warpaint returns. Wack out your bandannas, put on your studded leather jackets, fill your inner ‘Motley Crue’ personalities and prepare for ‘Vale’. Ever since BVB’s existence since 2006 the band has been known to address social issues heavily. Referring to and expressing the problems surrounding the unique, wacky and the outcasts in the world that defy the typical norm image, Black Veil Brides have defined this in their own look, brand, and name and support individuals who are afraid to express themselves due to society’s expectations. From the days of ‘We Stich These Wounds’ to the future ‘Vale’, song ‘The Vow’ speaks volumes for the groups known metal and rock sounds with the thrilling guitar solos and honest lyrics.

Have an Autumnal playlist? Leave a link to yours below in the comments and I will be sure to check what tracks are taking your fancy this season and I will reply with my thoughts on the songs contained in your playlist.

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