Fall Out Boy ‘The Last Of The Real Ones’ Jimmy Kimmel Performance Thoughts 

The Mania continues. ‘Take This To Your Grave’, ‘Infinity On High’ and ‘American Beauty/American Psycho’ album owners Fall Out Boy have been hitting music headlines as well as fans opinions of late, not only with the delay of their now January seventh record due to scrapping of tracks with fragment of Fall Out Boy Pete Wentz stating that they “Totally altered the course” during a podcast. With the evolution of their sound originating from pop-punk through to Emo and now Electro-pop, even though receiving a prestigious Woodie award in 2015 for sticking to their roots, domination of varied opinions and even backlash towards the four-piece has been pronounced with the new waves, purple and llama epoch.

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With the third song to be listed on the forthcoming record, ‘The Last Of The Real Ones’ following up from the blandly average ‘Champion’ and merely tolerable ‘Young and Menace’, the latter song had it’s televised debut stateside, live on ABC’s chatshow Jimmy Kimmel. Whilst sporting the group’s astonishingly priced bundles of outerwear merchandise, Patrick Stump began the performance of the intergalactic and lyrically detailed number residing behind his piano which has been dusted off from the ‘Save Rock and Roll’ tour.

Image source: FallOutBoyVEVO/ABC

The power of the effects of a few pyro techniques can hype a crowd up effortlessely. As the ferocious fire display gets the audience invested in the performance when Stump kicks off the chorus  “Cause your the last of the dying breed, write our names in the wet concrete” continuing enthusiastically onto “I wonder if your therapist knows everything about me” whilst the lead singer is fulfilling his duties of utilising the stage space, similarly to Wentz multitasking with his bass, Trohman encouraging the participation of the audience and Hurley quietly letting the drums do the expressive behaviour for him.

Image source: FallOutBoyVEVO/ABC

Fiery, ebullience and euphoric and that’s just describing the production. Fall Out Boy’s delivery of ‘The Last Of The Real Ones” on Kimmel’s musical guests segment, was high spirited and vibrant enough for the entertainment value to remain sustained. Although the most prominent aspect of the appearance seemed to be Patrick Stump’s fedora comeback.

Check out Fall Out Boy’s performance of ‘The Last Of The Real Ones’ below:

Fall Out Boy ‘The Last Of The Real Ones’ Jimmy Kimmel Live

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