Niall Horan ‘Flicker’ Album Thoughts 

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Niall Horan ‘Flicker’ Album Track Listing (Deluxe Edition):

  1. On The Loose
  2. This Town
  3. Seeing Blind
  4. Slow Hnads
  5. Too Much To Ask
  6. Paper Houses
  7. Since We’re Alone
  8. Flicker
  9. Fire Away
  10. You And Me
  11. On My Own
  12. Mirrors
  13. The Tide

The pop-acoustic LP has been delivered with varying degrees of music likeability. Niall Horan the joyful, simper Mullingar man and segment of the colossally known One Direction, in whom he was propelled into at the tender age of a school leaver. Whilst the group are fully in hiatus season and individually have flown the nest into solo stardom, the band seemed to have “unfinished business” according to Horan, which the remaining members would be utterly stupid not to have an almighty better than ever come back. A recreation of Take That’s resurrection would indefinitely be in question.

Title track ‘Flicker’ is a distorted mirror image of fellow 1D turned rockstar Harry Styles’ ‘Sweet Creature’. With the opener twang of acoustic guitars giving off frequencies that take you back to America with hints of country fused with early twentieth century contemporary acoustic courtesy of Horan’s well adored Taylor 214ce model which is a significant role amongst the album, with profuse utilisation of the instrument leading to Ed Sheeran and Shawn Mendes musical inspiration, and that’s just talking about Niall’s contact list.

Reigning in the big titles for the integral songwriting and sculptured production, with familiar faces amongst the One Direction array of smash hits including the mature-pop ‘Four’ and ‘Midnight Memories’.  The influential writer Jamie Scott and producer Julia Bunetta who also worked largely on second single ‘Slow Hands’ a summer funk sensation that hit contemporary radios peaking highest in the major territories the UK, US, Australia and nostalgically back in Horan’s home of Ireland. With Bunetta understanding the boys from over the past four years, no one could have executed a better job of understanding the influences and styles the individuals would drift to stating that “I didn’t think for a second that Liam was going to make a rock album or that Niall was going to make an R&B album”.

Predictable and imaginable lyrics in ‘Paper House’ left artistic quality to be desired yet probably appropriate for a feature on a teen pop party compilation with Horan stating “I wanted this album to be completely personal”. Whereas further up the trail track number 3, a vocal collaboration which is a first throughout Horan’s boy band and solo history with Marren Morris, Sony Music Nashville signee, guest vocalist on ‘Seeing Blind’ with the songs words like a comforting, interconnectivity you get when you realise Niall’s relatable craving for Nandos, as both Horan and Morris hum ‘I have heard, have heard you speak a million words’ and ‘Now I see you from a different point of view, I feel it’s too good to be true’.

Niall Horan’s attempt at the thirteen track deluxe LP, plainly distinguishes as the vulnerable and unguarded project defined visually in the albums artwork courtesy of photographer David Needleman, the type of record that aims to mend the heartbreak wounds by moving onto new relationships with Horan stating “I wanted the album to be completely personal” although that self-centered ideal may not be feasible anymore, with the record selling 152,000 unit equivalents in its opening week becoming much public knowledge with the lyrics telling the personal card a thousand times over. Additionally you can audibly hear the chirpiness of the 24-year-old behind the record as it appears there is a ‘Flicker of hope’ for Horan’s lonesome career. Plus with upcoming endeavours including the duo release of the debut album and his short ‘On The Record’ film in conjunction with Apple Music and embarking on his promotional world tour for the foreseeable future the solo pathway is growing longer day after day for Horan and company.

Listen to Niall Horan’s debut release of ‘Flicker’ here:

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