Liam Payne ‘Bedroom Floor’ X Factor Performance Thoughts 

Your Sunday night starts right here. The UK’s version of TV talent discovery show the X Factor live shows commenced yesterday evening, and with an almighty shake up to this years rules and regulations occurring and that’s just reguarding head judge Simon Cowell’s tumble he took down a set of stairs. With the weekend live shows, an intergration of artists in music get a slot to perform a piece of new material on the show a regularity, Saturday night was the turn of Liam Payne, the band member turned artist to return to the origins of his career in music to sing a version of his calming new track ‘Bedroom Floor’. 

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Nearing the closing moments of the two hour long episode where the budding girls mentored by Sharon Osbourne and the boys where manager Louis Walsh was in charge of, headed it out to stay in the competition part of the new set of rules to be enforced this year to get viewers attention, during the moments of public voting, it was Liam Payne’s UK televised debut of his second single ‘Bedroom Floor’ which proved to be a problematic performance but featured some positives. 

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On looked from partner and X Factor familiarity Cheryl Tweedy, the visually appetising appeal of Payne’s performance was well crafted from the get go. Instigating as if this was featured on a Gucci fashion show, deep red and a midnight black colour scheme with screen pictures of magestic wildlife gave a sleek, polished and modernised appeal. Even correlating to Liam’s fashion statement of a red and black checkered flannel paired with some single stripe relaxed trousers, demonstrated his style and imagery is fitting with his new found R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop artistry. 

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Ever since bidding for solo success, Liam has not shyed away from the concept of choreography in his live appearances. ‘Strip That Down’ on the Graham Norton Show and his time on the Capitals Summertime Ball Stage earlier this year involved The Wolverhampton born individual, throwing in some twists and turns into these various routines. Payne proved he has the JLS inspired edge over his fellow One Direction band members in his moderately rated dancing in this circumstance. 

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The root of the controversy sparked a social media storm on Twitter yesterday, where a host of X Factor consumers disapproved on Liam’s vocals and wanted him out of their To screens and voted off the competition despite not actually a contestant up until seven years ago. Despite the negative commentary, the audience seemed to be on Payne’s side without failure every time a high note happened. However the undeniable lack of emotion was unstable with the constant quavering in Liam’s voice  as he opened the live track with ‘Heard you’ve been talking about me lately’. At least he wasent wrong about that judging by the public perception of the performance. 

Check out Liam Payne’s X Factor performance of ‘Bedroom Floor’ here: 

Liam Payne ‘Bedroom Floor’ The X Factor 2017


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