Fall Out Boy ‘Hold Me Tight Or Don’t’ Track & Music Video Thoughts

Fall Out Boy have converted to Fall Out Lama in the midst of Mania. The infestation of purple imagery, the type of electronic, cool lighting you would behold at the 1975 gig plus an animal infestation not to mention the already released tracks Young and Menace, Champion, The Last Of The Real Ones and two day old Hold Me Tight Or Don’t from the pushed back record set to drop on 19th January. After their current US tour uselessly un-accompanied by an entire LP support acts Blackbear and Jaden Smith who’s debut Syre has dropped today. The bombardment of announcements had a UK based sequel on Wednesday, as the Chicago collective announced their chain of four shows, adding their first ever o2 arena date in London which will, fortunately, be actually useful for the promotional campaign for Mania unlike the US counterpart to the set to be world scale venture.

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On Wednesday we shall honour the dead, tweeted Fall Out Boy’s official Twitter account with a fitting skeletal gif, elements you would think may awaken some of the A Little Less Sixteen Candles A Little More Touch Me ‘Why don’t you just drop dead’ lyrics. Far from the contrary, despite the eerie yet vibrant videos visual works created by directors Brendan Walter and Mel Soria, the lyrics spoke a story of falling out of love as the words of Wentz states ‘Realised I can’t not be with you/ Or be just your friend/ I love you to death/ But I just can’t pretend/ We weren’t lovers first/ Confidants but never friends’ expressing the agony of differentiating between a friendship and a relationship.

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With the rise of Latin spiced music becoming much more commercialised and featured on Radio stations non-stop over the Summer with Little Mix and CNCO Reggaetón and the most overplayed song of the year Despacito being the mainstream pinnacles of the heavily up-tempo and rhythm rammed genre, it’s clear to see why Fall Out Boy have experimented within this booming market, far from Wentz’ 2009 jet black eyeliner and hair ensemble. Whilst the group is depicted in the middle of the worshipping of the afterlife playing their standard guitar, bass, and drum set up still play a paramount part in the instrumentals of the song that give the injection of Latin flavours. Ripping guitars, whistling piccolos, joyous maracas and cheerful castanets all harmoniously merge together whilst vocalist Stump soulful sounds hum the aggravating, annoying yet funfilled, amusing ‘Oh na na na…’ chorus segment.

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“We’re listening to a lot more music that is happening worldwide” words from bassist Pete Wentz on how the globalisation of music from cultural aspect of Kids in the corners of Lagos who are creating makeshift music off their own backs to social interventions like the Dia Delos Muertos, a Mexican celebration of the day of the dead classified as a public holiday in the southern and central areas of North America is the focus brief of the fourth single’s video. Moments of the famous lama air drumming giving Andy Hurley a run for his position in the band, purple skulls gracing the grounds of graveyards and Joe Throhman dancing merrily with children made this song what it is. Under any circumstance, music video’s can help to make or break a song and this spectacle of cultural expressions through materialistic items such as costumes, makeup, and candles made the new addition of Fall Out Boy music.

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With the more unfavourable tracks like Champion, Hold Me Tight Or Don’t has saved Mania skin and shredded some much needed positive vibes and bright hopeful beaming rays of light for the seventh record. However, one stone still is left unturned. Who is the body of the Lama? Brendon Urie is that you?

Listen to the track and watch the music video for Hold Me Tight Or Don’t by Fall Out Boy below.

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