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Back to You’, ‘Just Like You’ and ‘Miss You’. Notice an autobiographical pattern? The next instalment of the you train has been released today with the track that calls upon getting recked, drowning out the painfully emotional distresses begging for second chances directed to an unknown individual who consumes Tomlinson’s thoughts called ‘Miss You’. Louis Tomlinson the guy who’s evolution from the unprecedented five year One Direction phenomenon included striped t-shirts, trouser braces, 28, buzzing and a famous dagger tattoo plus the all important mentions such as 5 albums, 4 tours, 3 dvd’s 2 global success Brit awards and 1 bestselling artist of 2014 honour as a cohort of the British group export. The true second solo single from the Doncaster born singer is a far cry from the bubblegum pop nights from Up All Night and the EDM rythmic stab production of ‘Back To You’. If a 90’s Green Day, an motivation Tomlinson cited for his adolescent tribute band The Rogue, met with an Oasis Liam Gallager to throw a mixture of cutting guitars and a handful of rough, gravel like vocals is the equation to instrumentals and vocals from the new single.

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“Is it my imagination?/ Is it something that I’m taking” suggestively sets the scene of a distorted point of view of Louis in the midst of a social situation, mirroring the stuck in the middle of the hustle and bustle trippy tinged artwork for the track released through the Sony Music imprint. At a time where “glazed over eyes” and “dancing on tables/ til I’m off my face” was rife, were the 1D member was insensibey trying to flood out his craving effections for a longed one by having “just one more pint or five” drunken decisions which Niall Horan would be proud of the pint cosumption. Until the spotlight of realisation strikes Tomlinson during this sociably relatable moment of madness rough patch, concluding the chorus with the importantly written line “Shit, maybe I miss you” teamed with a menacing precussion, string and lute ensemble.

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With the movement shifting from Boyband to smiley crossed eyed solo artistry in the early stages of Tomlinson coming into his own, doubts of vocal capabilities, visual appearance and battling the nervous system transfixed a confidence drop with the soon to be 26 year old commenting in an interview with Tom Lamont. “Niall for example is happy-go-lucky Irish, Zayn has a fantastic voice, Liam always had a good stage presence, Harry comes across very cool… And then there’s me”. Coming forth and conquering the dark voice inside, and the ‘Just Hold On’ singer is equipt with remarkable raw tones, the ordinarily unerring rough and ready look plus a set of humble and wise shoulders with the Twitter handle of Tomlinson writing “Really proud of Miss You ! Hope you lot love it as much as I do !’ ahead of his X Factor final performance tomorrow, for which this thankful wisdom and humble persona has been carried through to his next sparsley explicit, premature pop-punk project.

Listen to “Miss You” by Louis Tomlinson here.

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