Favourite Band Members (Part 4)

A troubling dilemma that strikes band connoisseurs all too often. Exhibiting a band in the music industry with a significant following and developing fanbase, with all individual members being a fragment of the ensemble yet acquire traits, style and attributes that make them independently individual and it’s this unique persona and characteristics that define a member to become the chosen one.

Source: Upsetmagazine

Lynn Gunn – PVRIS

By night a gently spoken soul and by day a daringly dangerous frontwoman. Gunn gone of the days where her musical career kicked off under group aliases of metal-punk mix Operation Guillotine and currently Paris renovated as eclectically synth-pop portion PVRIS. The modernistic gothic mad Lynn delivered a host of cooling croons of her sonically smooth singing on this years reflective monochrome visuals Gunn strives for in 2017 record All We Know Of Heaven All We Know Of Hell, her grey tinged bulletproof in black style and wholeheartedly honesty orientation.

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The universes tallest bassist is no tall order for Weekes. Chronologically the Missouri man has spearheaded the functions of numerous prosperous projects including instinctively indie The Brobecks, the ‘I Write Sins Not Tradegies’ chimers Panic! At The Disco and 80’s re-emergence of I DON’T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME defining Dallon’s tall bass frolicking presence, conceptual creative mind and whacky writing.

Source: @underscoregeoff

Geoff Wingington – Waterparks

This brunette isn’t done with fun. Far from the days of tripping on acid, joining the now trio surrounding the Airplane Conversations release and being left with a sour taste by night in track ‘Crave’. Geoff Wingington may not be a triathlon athlete so the ‘New Wave’ video suggests at first glance, but indisputably is a shining exemplar of a naturally relatable up and coming guitarist in a band that is dominating the alt scene since the delivery of the flamboyant Double Dare affair, scoring a favourable 8/10 via publication RockSound.

Source: Express

Kimberly Walsh – Girls Aloud

“It’s not on the cards anytime soon I’m afraid” Walsh speaks of the girl group reunion, it appears Girls Aloud is more Girls quiet with the minimal likelihood of a nostalgic revival of 2000 manufactured pop’s finest such as ‘Something New’, ‘Jump’ or ‘Biology’. Segments Cheryl Tweedy, Nichola Roberts, Sarah Harding and Nadine Coyle, The Barnet Born one steps forward as the bubbly, scintillating personnel who’s thoroughgoing textured tones have carried her eminently through from the filling between a Spice Girls and Little Mix sandwich to a smart solo upscale, undertaking the classy Centre Stage approach.

Source: BBC

Tom Fletcher – McFly 

Author of pooping dinosaurs, video blogger, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and singer equated to Tom Fletchers astonishing accolades. Evolving ironically from a rejection from band Busted to founding the McFly phenomenon acting largely as writer, guitarist and vocalist for the forth piece and returning full circle with the unification of a McBusted venture with a side helping of co-writing for a serving of highly ranked artists in the realms of pop pinnacles One Direction and non stop tourers The Vamps. Fletchers credentials extend the music globe imagination into the publishing industry with a string of charismatic children’s novels whilst simultaneously attaining a Star Wars fanatic facade.

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