Long Awaited & Highly Anticipated 2018 Album Releases

Harry Styles‘ mildly glam rock staple self-titled, Kesha’s cultivated and colourful Rainbow, Taylor Swifts antagonistically confrontational Reputation and All Time Low’s seventh minimalistic atmospheric album, all records that have been, gone and are still amongst existent circulation in the form of overwhelming modernised streams. Whilst entering an already dominated Coachella 2018 territory with ticket prices skyrocketing to ordinary civilians life savings alongside the dispiriting absence of bands on the lineup, the hope and glory of the music industry lies in the hands of the albums planned for release, debut and delivery in the year beckoning.

Source: Epic Records

Louis Tomlinson – TBA

Coincidences are Tomlinson’s finest expertise with the ‘Just Like You’, ‘Back To You’ plus ‘Miss You’ singer marking the use of the y word as a “reference to the fans”, no doubt expectations of you use in the debut records title highly destined. That guy from the one band who recently publically spoken out regarding the Coachella line up dominated by the kinds of Post Malone, St Vincent and Jesse Ware with all three headliners simultaneously being solo artists, Tomlinson highlighted the band minority in nostalgic reference to his One Direction and The Rouge past despite Louis solo pursuit. Tomlinson and Payne being the last men standing without an album, the newly 26-year old’s pristine perfectionist ways and tale-telling artistic vision obstructing a pop-rock grazing album.

Source: Dirty Hit/Polydor Records

The 1975 – ‘Music for Cars’

Four souls synoptic of the wave of adolescents and millennials four walls converted to a neon light shrine and forwarding the motion of mainstream indie, electro-pop and alt-rock of stylish sound substance from the ‘Facedown’ and ‘Sex’ Ep’s with full projects The 1975, I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful yet So Unaware of It and the speculated Spring/Summer expectant Music for Cars from the onymous titled EP. Head honcho of the Manchester arrangement Matty Healey marked the era end and slow death of the white and pink sophomore record akin to Twenty One Pilots slow death of the Blurryface epoch, before commencing the third quarter with the resurgence ‘Music For Car’s’ making a sentimental comeback originally established in 2013. The trilogy template is set to have its accompaniment projected by The 1975 by Summer 2018 latest.

Source: RCA

Zayn – TBA

“The songs are more organised, Mind Of Mine was a brainstorm” speaks Zayn Malik on the verge of his next solo chapter. Title less as of the present moment notwithstanding the evolution progression the Bradford Boy has demonstrated from the stages of a timid teenage Malik standing on the x, conquering stadiums, book, perfume, music video and album released with his 1D counterparts to anxiety filled fears that led to his departure with an almighty overcoming the life elements dropping a personally culturally appropriate and R&B influenced first record.

Source: Strange Music

Above Waves – TBA

Chasing the moment within the next five months, an introductory album will be in the music industry’s possession in quarter two from Chicagos alt collection Above Waves. Creating a cascade of waves in the Strange Music scene as the labels first pop induced ensemble on the catalogue, frontman Ryan Bradley’s charismatically cool and simplistically sleek vocals on ‘Simple Things’, ‘Fugitives’ and ‘Chasing The Moment’ set the debonair envisage for the soon to be summer smash.

Source: Equal Vision Records

Waterparks – ‘Entertainment’

Double dare Waterparks to write, record, produce, promote and release a sequel album and the trio will deliver with Entertainment. The roots of being All Time Low’s support act to fully proportioned successful stakeholders in the pop-punk landscape the Geoff Wingington, Awsten Knight and Otto Wood enterprise is deep in the midsts of tumultuous touring, award achieving and Equal Vision imprint Entertainment on January 26th.

Source: Island/DCD2

Fall Out Boy – ‘MANIA’

Like a long awaited and notorious southern railway train delay, Fall Out Boy’sMANIA is chugging along on the horizon, dragging a day of the dead, purple pandemonium and lama land vision along with it. The Chicago chimers amid backlash from their own fan base based on the gaping hold in artistic integrity and being loyal to the groups sound ancestry lying in MANIA featured tracks ‘Young and Menace’ and ‘Champion’ have pulled through to the pushed back January 19th date by the skin of their extortionate album bundles price tag and manialess US tour ticket sales. Glimmers of hope for the seventh studio success produced by music heavyweights Pharrell Williams and Butch Walker are compressed into the euphorically enthusiastic ‘Hold Me Tight Or Don’t’ as well as gloriously galactic ‘The Last Of The Real Ones’ and in the remainder of tracks yet to exist.

Source: Lava/Republic

Black Veil Brides – ‘Vale’

Heavy war paint, studded leather jackets and striking inkings, a modern day vision of a juvenile Kiss. Black Veil Brides the five piece are paying visits to the US, UK and Europe in promotion to the accompanied rocking record Vale. Shifting the focus from the independent Andy Black to Black Veil Brides ensemble, lead vocalist, actor, clothing line operator and previously eye model Andy Biersack declares his fully pledges alliance and co-operation with the band again after his stint in Halloween thriller American Satan and re-launch of his Andy Black persona. “It was never the intention to go away from the band entirely” speaks Biersack to publication Rocksound prior to the Vale reveal.

Source: Capitol/Republic

Liam Payne – TBA

Out and free of 1D and speculation and circulation of an inaugural album is definite. Symmetrically stepping in the One Direction traces of his band members Payne like Horan’s fond ‘Fools Gold’, Tomlinson’s lively ‘Little Black Dress’ and Styles sincere ‘Stockholm Syndrome is looking to incorporate a wave of the groups nostalgic tunes into the future solo tours setlist commencing upon the unknown album details. After the glory of the solo single ‘Strip That Down’ featuring Migos member Quavo achieving top ten positions across twelve various countries, ensuring projection of positively rife critical reception and respectable chart acknowledgements for the full piece.

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