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The prophet, mourner, deviant, mystic and destroyer have been resurrected from the desert depths of the Wretched and Divined to the prison cells of ‘Wake Up’. Solitary confinement embeds the four walls Andy Biersack and wild one members are detained, charged with the order of treason as his personified alter ego the prophet is facing a looming death to tremendously transitioning to a skin covered studded star wailing about the woes of the state of the United States being entirely un-united in the current political climate, in a renowned rock manor the leather ladened get up are brandished for.

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The unveiling of Black Veil Brides follow up album to the previous four records, Vale is a vault of soaring ascending choruses, ravenous ripping riffs and a excursion to identifying inner self worth, distinguishable in the “be well, be strong” centralised album epiphany. Additionally an outlet to explore wider landscapes of political pandemonium and social artistic struggles, suggested intensely in the debut music visual for the fifth album ‘Wake Up’, a piece front man Biersack describes as “A video that really paints the picture for how people see the record”.

Source: BlackVeilBridesVEVO

“All we know is time/ It’s slipping from our lives/ A world that kept the truth/ Hidden in the lies” brandishes Biersack as he steps outside of his cell confines to discovering Pitts, Purdy, Jinxx and Coma the remainder of the wild ones behind bars, a jaundiced reenactment of Twenty One Pilots’ ‘Heathens’ sinister subdued in-capacious themes. Commencing upon Coma’s punchy pounding of the conventional Wackman of Avenge Sevenfold constructed percussion, the prophet is sent to slaughter in destination justice hall a form of agonising goodbye to the legacy of ‘legion of the black’ origins of the prophet’s persona. Biersack’s daunted demeanour and stern stance of his portrayal of this notorious convict stems from his acting attributes, in which the 27 year old plays a juvenile rockstar in seven time award winner American Satan whom makes a pact with evil reckonings that lands character Johnny Faust in similar lock up territory to the ‘Wake Up’ rendering.

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A cohesive visual ideology directed by Smashing Pumpkins and Black Veil Brides’s tour affiliates Asking Alexandra Robbie Starbuck, ‘Wake Up’ is the external hub for a gothic gathering and production for societies sad times, an exemplary depiction of Andy’s “We want something that’s going to be representative of the record” assertion. Track three’s video venture is the distinct depiction of the quintet’s grandiose glam rock, lugubrious lyricism and brazenly bold branding.

Source: BlackVeilBridesVEVO

Watch the music video for ‘Wake Up’ by Black Veil Brides here.

Black Veil Brides – Wake Up

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