What To Expect If You’re Attending Fall Out Boy’s MANIA Tour

Ride the purple wave all the way to the MANIA tour. Fall Out Boy are packing up their skeletal skulls, royal milk tea and friend Wilson to embark on their second time lucky round of shows, after having an album meltdown around the lustreless LP’s intended record release. Deemed as “It doesn’t sound like Fall Out Boy” by front-facing Patrick Stump, subsequently having no full-bodied MANIA for the twenty date opening leg of the ironically MANIA US expedition. Now with the accompanying material that publicly highlighted the music midlife mess that is far from the purposeful pop-rockers, who are starting the tour cycle in Australia, UK, Asia and later dated Chicago centred Wrigley Field hometown one off, all destinations are expectations of a llama foray, purple production and Wentz’ wise wisdom.

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Wentz’ Wise Words Of Wisdom

Wentz’ wolf speech is the creative climax of the bassist’s wise words of wisdom, showcased across the American Beauty/American Psycho and Wintour. “There are two wolves at battle. There is one wolf who is incessantly this wolf is jealousy this wolf is maturity and hatred. The other wolf is compassion, joy, love, calm, peace and empathy. The little boy says to the wolf how do you decide which wolf wins the battle, and he says the wolf that wins is the one that you feed.” Speeches, sayings and life lessons that are elaborate metaphors for choice, dictation and defying impossibilities, Pete Wentz is the music motivator who can talk about meaningful messages and then bring it back down to earth’s stage about the struggles of being short and “Dunkin your own basketball”.

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The Last Of The Real Llamas

The Chicago congregation has a history of exploiting fake furry friends in their album adaptations, from Infinity On High Franklin the Sheep to a landscape of Llamas in MANIA. The ‘Last Of The Real Ones’ chimers are defying the odds of Where’s Wally? to Where’s the Llamas?, shepherding the spitting species to the MTV Video Music Awards in California, depicting the domesticated camelid in album artworks of Swift’s Reputation and Del Ray’s Lust For Life as well as setting out with the herbivorous grass grazers, with sightings of the kind with t-shirt shooters spotted several times in animal and screen spirit on the first leg of the MANIA tour in Ohio. With a budget big enough to accommodate different life forms with the group selling out large arena dates across the board in major territories including the o2 Arena London and Margaret Court Arena Melbourne, an inhabitation of Llama Glama’s is imminent along with a protest from PETA.

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Picturesque Purple Production

Gearing up for a sizable arena stint is a developing process that requires people power, technical equipment and trajectory planning and when the MANIA masterminds want to recreate a violet visual of purple production, triple a, b and c stages plus fiery fixtures and fittings continuing in this first quarter it has been labelled the largest scale production ever, far from the early twentieth century breakout days of performing in a private educational institutes café in Chicago. “The size and scope of the MANIA tour marks the next chapter in the band’s history. Its a much larger endeavour than previous tours with lighting, scenic, pyro and visuals. Fourteen trucks in the first load and typically only six to eight trucks in the past” recalls Robb Jibson the production designer for the North American stretch. Discussing concepts to enhance MANIA’s mantras, Jibson states “The concept for the tour is clean, symmetrical and linear”. Therefore picturesque purple production, complex concepts and linear lighting structures are to be assembled within venues on a mass scale masterplan.

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MANIA Melodies Meets Core Classics

Setlist variety of modernised material and nostalgic nods are slowly breaking the divide between die-hard fans and Fall Out Boy freshers. Racking in the ticket sales from both fan entities despite the supporting records negative critical reception, with aficionado’s and music moguls alike classifying the LP as “Songs to appal and appease the hardcore”, “An unholy mess” and more positively “Sacking off their old sound on their totally bonkers, and occasionally brilliant, seventh album”. Yet with the sole purpose of the tour to promote the madly confusing record, it seems the ensemble is not shedding their old sound or shunning the original enthusiasts, with MANIA melodies such as the experimental mess ‘Young and Menace’ meeting core classics including From Under The Cork Tree finest ‘Dance, Dance’ and topping the setlist statistics over three years ‘Uma Thurman’ being picks of the features on the MANIA tour’s music itinerary.

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