What To Expect If You’re Attending Harry Styles’ Live On Tour

Styles is on the road again. Post Kiwi slipping, treating people with kindness and a frenzy of frolicking like a dumbfounded 24-year-old dad dancing at a disco, the latterly inducted BRITs British artist video of the year prizeman for the eclectic debut single ‘Sign Of The Times’ is journeying on the second segment appellated as the Harry Styles Live On Tour. A commodious continuation from the theatre scalable venues on the initial run last autumn, with tickets being eagerly snapped up by One Direction originators and Styles super fans alike within seconds through the new Ticketmaster verified fan service overseas and via the scramble through pre-sales and general everywhere else. Upsizing to arena-based areas opening in Switzerland in 9 days and counting and ending the pink petal infused era in California mid-summertime. Whilst the sophisticated soloist pays homage to his Boyband being throughout a string of shows, with the Four fan favourite ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ making the setlist cut, yet when July 14th comes calling will One Direction make an almighty comeback with a much in demand Made In The A.M world tour effort or will Styles second solo album be imminent? For now expect Harry Styles’ gigs to be a haven of social acceptance, an apocalypse of suit-coordinates, a florist of roses and a nutritious nostalgic wave of kiwi fruit déjà vu.

Source: Hélèn Marie Pambrun

Kiwi Déjà Vu

Kiwi slipping, tripping with a side serving of nutrition. Avocados, spinach and kale reign to be the superfoods of ultimate health and green power, however, Harry Styles has made kiwi fruit fashionable on peoples plates in a dangerous way. Last year supermarket giants Asda, a division of their American cousin Walmart had to take drastic measures in restricting under 25-year-olds from getting one of their five a day, by banning the purchase of Kiwi’s north of the UK after a bombardment of the berry aimed at H throughout his déjà vu performances of the appropriate single from the self-titled album‘Kiwi’ was sung not once but twice on the tour’s setlist. After admitting defeat to the furry fruit and falling flat on the London and Manchester dates last Autumn, it wasn’t ‘Hard candy dripping on Styles till his feet were wet’ rather the green juices of kiwi’s splattered over his Gucci loafers.

Source: Hélèn Marie Pambrun

A Florist Of Roses

Mature millennials are becoming middle-aged green fingers pursuing a career only Alan Titchmarsh would be proud of. Brining lonely roses with the objection to throw kindly at Harry in attempts at a thank you from the One Direction fragment, Styles shows are growing into a showcase similar to the Chelsea Flower Show spectacle, only enhanced by his pleasure for the plants that coincidentally blend into his fashion pieces such as the ‘Ever Since New York’ City crimson red piece embroidered with a plethora of the black flower variety yet again from the Italian fashion house. Borrowing white roses for the crucial times up campaign created in the wake of the spiral of sexual harassment claims in Tinseltown and now beyond showcased at last months BRIT ceremony, similarly Styles tour will once again be more like a florist of roses rather than a mosh pit of madness.

Source: Hélèn Marie Pambrun

A Haven Of Social Acceptance

LGBTQ pride bodies, black lives matter appreciation, treat people with kindness taglines and “Be whoever you are, be whoever you want to be” statements shall fill arena capacities in Spring/Summer 18. Styles’ shows are a stable haven of social acceptance for any homogenous movement or mantra, stepping into a crowd on the Harry Styles Live On Tour depicts a sea of strangers speaking, flags fluttering and synchronised singing to significant lyrics stimulating senses of “Having the time of your life” and “Don’t know where we’re going but we know where we belong” suggestions of cliché living in the moment and never feeling like your alone, this concert is here to welcome you home should you choose to invest in a ticket. As the sophisticated suited superstar will undoubtedly strut on stage wrapped in rainbow colours and posting monochrome stills on social media of a blanket of social activism campaigns, Harry Styles gigs are a ground of gratitude that accepts your voice and existence in all its glory.

Source: Journal Post

An Apocalypse Of Suit Co-ords

From the classic old skool vans and a simple long overcoat day look combination to a dazzling Italian designer embroidered smart suit evening co-ordinate, Styles’ style has the fashion transitioning ability of a modern-day glow up. Walking into the wardrobe of a glam rock star on tour beholds a designer influx of a diamond joker esque Gucci numberpicnic emblazoned checkered Westwood collective plus the toned down togetherness of a black button-down tucked raggedly into a velvet mustard garment mix match, with one consistent running theme of sleek suit sutures that define a young and sharp Keith Richards. With the ‘Two Ghosts’ crooner having the ability to shape the masses materialistic ways, with overwhelming amounts of Gucci mini me’s in the ‘Kiwi’ visual as well as adolescents gracing gigs in matching threads that scream Styles influence, just without the thousands upon thousands of pounds price tag.

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