Horan’s ‘On The Loose’ Havoc & Styles’ Supermodel Stardom

Horan is let on the loose and Styles has shot to supermodel stardom. As Niall Horan and Harry Styles are heading out to travel and tour as separate solo stars, the duo of One Direction differentiates couldn’t be more different and as the harsh hiatus reigns on, Horan released his visual for his third person themed track ‘On The Loose’ whilst Styles simultaneously has been spotted shooting in another perceptible direction as the fresh faced poster person for the forest green ruby red striped splendour Gucci.

Source: NiallHoranVEVO

Setting out for his shows in support of his somber full length debut Flicker, first track ‘On The Loose’ is one of the average albums sound strengths. With a gathering of guitar twangs, a list of lustful lyrics and an entity of enunciate vocals from the Mullingar man all wrapped into Instagram imagery, depicting a Dior Sauvage deminor chasing after a Dua Lipa dupe on a mission to catch a spontaneous loving lover. “She loves when everybody’s watching/She knows the way her body moves/She loves the way they all crawl back when she says/That she loves nobody else but you” as the double screen shooting gives a two dimensional field of vision, as gorgeous girl meets gullible guy who is about to get “Traded in for something new”. The rustic rendition represents an antagonist Sutherlands signed model Kristina Cocoli, who is pulling in Horan’s heart for some fun loving and on the loose living.

Source: @gucci (Instagram)

Days after requiring his enormous entourage to get behind the meaningful March For Our Lives petition in the consequential wake of the states sorrowful gun control, Styles was sent into social media stratosphere when grainy graphics emerges of the ‘Kiwi’ crooner in the midst of a gormless grey corner of St Albans, UK clutching a clucking creature. With a chicken in the arms of the Cheshire raised chap outside of a local chippie, Styles style made him look like a fashionable farmer. Head to toe in new Gucci tailoring gear curated by director of global branding Alessandro Michele, the 24-year-old wore a longline checked flannel get up in conjunction with crisp cream loafers. Yet with no over popularised bombardment of the 1921 establishments double g ring belt and ace animal embroidered footwear which are seemingly becoming a statement of social class and animal cruelty in the means of leather luxuries, despite the dominant designer dropping the utilisation of hair pledging to go fur free for fashion, coming a long way since the fur frenzy of the seventies for this season. But with no mainstream materials in sight of the shoot, Harry waved onto ordinary onlookers and fanatic fans as his Gucci loyalty had finally been granted.

Watch the music video for ‘On The Loose’ by Niall Horan here:

Niall Horan – On The Loose (Official)

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