What To Expect If You’re Attending Niall Horan’s Flicker Tour

This town is getting a visit from Niall Horan. The golfing geek is swapping the clubs for cables and gloves for guitars in pursuit for his present 80 string of shows for his Flicker world tour. From the sunny desert land of the ‘On The Loose’ music video to the stages of small scale venues Horan will be visiting vastly timid settings, kicking off in the Irish mans land eventually destined to be drawing to an end in amphitheatres in America. With the ‘Slow Hands’ soothing singer saying “I love making music, writing music and I feel my most comfortable standing on stage with a guitar in my hand” Horan and his handy stringed fellow will be bringing an acoustic atmosphere, ‘Fools Gold’, a borage of ballads and the luck of the Irish to inject a flavour of folk pop resonance and ebullient emotions to a forage of fans.

Source: The Gibson Hotel

Acoustic Atmosphere

Sensitive strums, tranquil twangs and smooth singing. The musician’s meticulous Gibson SJ-200 guitar alongside a Dunlop capo attachment is the stringed star of the show amongst Horan’s hive of instrumental equipment. ‘Paper Houses’ particular plucks, ‘On The Loose’ light strumming and ‘Seeing Blind’ block screeching amongst his folk undertones to his solo songs, provides a paradise of relaxation, tranquility and serene scenes of heartfelt harmonies and intricate instrumentals that fabricate Flicker’s acoustic atmosphere and phonic presence ultimately.

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‘Fools Gold’

Styles stole ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ Tomlinson took ‘Little Black Dress’ and Payne proclaimed ‘Best Song Ever’. The One Direction heritage directory has honoured Horan with ‘Fools Gold’. Emerging as a live performance since its stay on the On The Road Again setlist, Horan injected some boyband nostalgia on the commencing concert of his Flicker Sessions Tour in Dublin, with a mid pit stop to the Fouralbum frenzy with Niall’s mellow melodies and smooth singing putting a solo twist on this fan favourite. Exploring the acrimonious situation in which pursuit overcomes imperfection in the journey to meet the feelings wants, needs and requests, “I let you use me from the day that we first met/But I’m not done yet, falling for your fools gold” speaks the somber and soft lyricism that’s both soothing and sentimental to the 24-year-olds acoustic atmosphere and artistic attributes.

Source: Be Box Music

A Borage Of Ballads

The bubblegum beats of Up All Night to Flicker’s folk features Niall Horan’s ballad evolution is one of sheer sophistication. “When he opens his arms and holds you close tonight/It just won’t feel right” of 1D’s ‘More Than This’ cheesy chorus to “Like the rain on a sunny day/There’s a shadow behind you’re face/Tell me what you’re running from” in ‘Since We’re Alone’ expression exposing emotions, all lyrics of love that brand a pop type ballad. Simple structure, relentless repetition and third person personas are highlighted as Horan refers to mystery she’s, you’s and we’s be expectant for a bombardment of ballads in the tours 18 strong stellar setlist.

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Luck Of The Irish

Derby county football fanatic, microphones tainted in the traditional tricolours and Irish impersonations Horan’s home of the land of luck is never a stones throw away from the Mullingar mans mind, even whilst backpacking on a budget around Asia. A wealthy Westmeath mansion, a visual feast of reminiscent restaurants in ‘This Town’ and the occasional cape of vertical stripes of green, white and orange amongst the ‘Slow Hands’ singer shows. Horan’s homage to his home of beer and shamrocks will induce an infectious luck of the Irish spirit on stage.

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