Panic! At The Disco Tantalise Pray For The Wicked & Warmly Welcome Brand New Bassist

Toothbrushes in toll because Brendon Urie is back. It’s Worship Wednesday and Pray For The Wicked a post-follow up to the snippet of the 30 year olds dental hygiene routine, underplayed by a classical composition that could be potential Panic! material in the midsts. Gigging a surprise show at the Grog Shop origins of Ohio, a setlist of habitual songs scrambled sinners hopes of new numbers in the wake of the highly hyped Pray For The Wicked, yet the surprise show lived up to its label through means of the introductory inauguration of touring bassist Nicole Row.

Source: @panicatthedisco (Instagram)

Hanging up his high heels in hot pursuit for the profound polished leather pants and bold blazers after the ‘LA Devotee’ songmasters 10 week stint in show Kinky Boots, a shoe factory extravaganza as leading role Charlie Price. Son of a factory owner who meets a dazzling drag queen in the quest to save the materialistic business, showed off Uries soulful singing skills in the Broadway’s Cyndi Lauper numbers ‘Soul Of A Man’ and ‘Step One’ ticking a dream of Brendon’s bucket list whilst the performing as Panic! At The Disco was shifted aside.

Source: @panicatthedisco (Instagram)

A showcase to coldly deflect new music and to reminisce of Urie’s Periscopes and sing alongs to a 17 staple setlist, moreover to warmly welcome touring bassist Nicole Row a refreshing rebranding after Dallon Weekes ditched the ‘Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time’ and ‘I Write Sins Not Tragedies’ vocalist for I Don’t Know How But They Found Me, an electro 80’s side spin off. Accompanied by the touring team newly wedded Dan Pawlovich, Kenneth Harris and original Brendon Urie, Row a descendant instrumentalist of music moguls the Cyrus siblings, Troye Sivan and Lonnie Jordan printed an Instagram caption incorporating a congregated Panic! meeting in the backyard of Brendon’s pad photograph. Expressing her emotions of joining the Las Vegas venture venting “Love these dudes so much already. Not only the band, but the whole team is incredible. So grateful to be part of this crew”. Panic! At The Disco have swear to shake it up in the bands line up, that had proved to be vitally refreshing and importantly relevant.

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