Spring Playlist 2018

Harry Styles‘ daily dose of ‘Medicine’, Panic! At The Disco’s every cloud having a ‘Silver Lining’ and Palaye Royale’s an apple a day keeps the ‘Mr. Doctor Man’ away. Spring has mildly sprung, commencing an new era for Mr Malik with Zayn zoning himself in an epoch separate to his ‘Mind Of Mine’ moments and One Direction history, signalling the start of something new with the ‘Pillowtalk’ pioneer posting a powerful, greedy, loyalty yet vengeance film style video ending with a date induced cliffhanger beginning on 04.12.18. With spring shaping up to be a season of sensations coming from Aussie ensemble 5 Seconds of Summer’s‘Want You Back’ and Brit band Arctic Monkeys‘Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino’, as well as some individually curated playlists showcasing a plethora of stellar songs evoked from new releases, attended gigs or simply derived from nostalgic value.

Source: Erskine/Columbia

‘Medicine’ – Harry Styles

Styles is feeling super love sick and has therefore been prescribed with a medical medium of music to cure his aggressively hedonistic wants, needs and requirements. Banished in black from his fingers to his toes as Styles shimmered under the stage in Switzerland, a delightful double debut of non-studio songs shone from Harry’s low tones yet fitful range as the ‘Harry Styles’ self titled record rejects ‘Anna’ and ‘Medicine’ lavishly launched. Whilst ‘Anna’ is a sample of moderately melodious riffs compared to the rough and ready specimen of ‘Medicine’ which explores Styles’ sensual side, evoking lyrical content in its wake of a “Tingle running through my bones/The boys and girls are in/I mess around with him/And I’m okay with it” that left fans in a frenzy. With these words demonstrating limitless lyrics and a there’s no holding the Styles back approach to his solo songwriting style.

Source: Sumerian Records

‘Mr. Doctor Man’ – Palaye Royale

Headlining the front cover of Alternative Press magazine, and Payale Royal’s decade long exersion has made them music magnates. From Palaye moulding their personified personalities into true artistic value with meticulously designed merchandise aligning with the bands vivid image and independent appearance, producing products such as the popular Palette Royale as well as their distinct art rock repertoire introducing the triple collective’s commencing 2012 single ‘Morning Light’ to their rated 2015 record ‘Boom Boom Room’. ‘Mr. Doctor Man’ the leading hit that hoisted the Sumerian signed entity into song success upon its release in Spring 16, reveals deathly lyrics, riveting instrumentals and a voice of indisputable distressful tones by potato enthusiast Remington Leith that carries the bands indie glam sound and avant-garde style onto the imminent ‘Boom Boom Room’ (Side B) anticipated for emancipation next month.

Source: DCD2/Fueled By Ramen

‘Silver Lining’ – Panic! At The Disco

Struck by a slither of a silver lining and after a rocky road, Panic! At The Disco are finally coming up cherries on top. Revamping Urie’s one man band backing with touring musician members Kenneth Harris on the guitar and Dan Powlovich on the drums, the band hit the big time bagging the instrumentally reputable Nicole Row to fill in the gaping gap of a bassist with upmost pleasantness. Releasing ‘Silver Lining’ as a single alongside its action packed attached ‘Say Amen (Saturday Night)’ nostalgic religious number and prequel and sequel video its big, bold, brass, marching band style and feel good substance provide a sense of ‘Nine In The Afternoon’ instrumentals meets ‘Death Of A Bachelor’ artistic influences to produce a friendship of Beyoncé name dropping, 70’s swear word inspired song vocabulary and vocalising his step up as a vocalist, with Brendon Urie’s skilful singing by using the analogy of cutting his teeth to end up making a killing with the Panic! At The Disco spiel.

Source: Atlantic

‘I Miss You’ – Clean Bandit featuring Julia Michaels

A popular spring song release destined for summer hit success longevity. Cambridge congregation Clean Bandit’sAnne-Marie and Sean Paul accented October single ‘Rockabye’ reached number 2 across major UK music charts, remaining in the top spot for 9 weeks in conjunction with Julia Michaels March career propelling ‘Issues’ inclining in the top ten position, this linking of pop culture monikers is likely to linger around into the hot weather months to come. The sweet sounds of Michaels husky hums, who has finished her support act role stretch with Niall Horan on his ‘Flicker’ UK leg and Clean Bandits gentle whispers of Grace Chatto’s cello, with the electro-pop band emerging to embark on their European string of shows complies for a track of total tranquility.

Source: DCD2/Island Records

‘Church’ – Fall Out Boy

Whilst not every diehard fan of Fall Out Boy was confessing their love for ‘Church’, the odd regeneration of rooters were on their knee’s worshiping the music work. Despite ‘M A N I A’ feeling like we were all just sitting in the waiting room for it’s delayed Winters date of release, the forth visual instalment to come out of the record brought Montague and Capulet mannered imagery, contexts correlating to religious relations and themes of Gospel sounds, digged up and derived from Island Record’s export ‘This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race’ made a genre resurgence in a current rendition. A choir of voices to vocalise a heavily orotund orientated chorus, overlapping ‘Soul Punk’ man Stumps prominent singing delivery alongside a verse of tuneful bass hooks and the chiming of brash bells visually represented a kirk’s atmosphere and importantly a place of devotion.


‘Nobody Likes The Opening Band’ – I DON’T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME

Local community talent shows, circa mid-1983 and uncovered tapes pre 20th century. I DON’T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME have built a band brand that brandishes a cleaver curated era of evoking 80’s sounds, from the duo’s supposed failed attempt at success in synth-pop scenes and art-pop areas during the decade of the Pet Shop Boys. with the ensembles efforts being brushed off and brought to life by the internets influence that the first world is welcoming warmingly being backed by a following of fans in their tens of thousands. Marketed as terminated ex Panic! At The Disco’s touring bassist Dallon Weekes once and future project pre and post The Brobecks, with Weekes and Seaman’s super small selection of songs from the a-ha affiliated ‘Take On Me’ attributes in ‘Modern Day Cain’, grandiloquent sounds of ‘Choke’ and the candidly newfangled ‘Nobody Likes The Opening Band’. Singing of the struggles of being a support act at a show, Dallon’s deliberately dull tones depict a sensible tale of negative contexts “Come and see the opening band/Now that you’ve got your tickets and beverages in hand/They look so tired/Sound uninspired/Guitars are secondhand” prevailing with a positive conundrum “But if you lend an ear and give them just one little chance/You may just like the opening band” makes for a song of sincerity and a soul spilling story.

Source: Megaphonic Records

‘Cycle Song’ – Imogen Heap

The eighth story nineteen years later. The joyous composition of the spectacular soundtrack to the Cursed Child’s success. Imogen Heap’s‘Cycle Song’ coincidentally one of the many songs by the Brit leading lady on the soundtrack, where number 1 US chart topping electronic composition meets an 11 time Olivier Awards theatre play holder. Heap’s history of self taught music production helped her to propel her pieces to utilise as phone ringtones, collaborations and appropriately west end stage songs with the glowing ‘Cycle Song’ being the dominant audible representation of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child showings. Independently instrumental the chattering, ceremonious and charismatic depth the array of instrumentals contain aligns astoundingly with the now London, New York and Melbourne play’s imaginative identity and majestic, mystical and magical narrative.

Source: In Loving Memory

‘Nomad’ – In Loving Memory

Pop-metal meets Panic! At The Disco’s artwork of rainbow coloured chemicals from ‘Too Weird To Live Too Rare To Die’.‘Introspective’ track ‘Nomad’ is a nostalgic brining together of instrumental and vocal pickings from Bring Me The Horizon’s 2008 ‘Chelsea Smile’ and Pierce The Veil’s 2012 ‘King for a Day’ under In Loving Memory’s own umbrella. 2 EP’s in and the New York City trio capacity have established experimental styles, showcased through a stretch of ‘Vans Warped Tour’ stints following up a headlining tour titled ‘Black Sheep Never Sleep’. Yet song ‘Normad’ is a backed by a band of solid shredding guitars and wholesome words of warm cordial lyrics expressing the defying of cultural backgrounds, heavily highlighted by the voracious voice of Naveed Stone’s fearless tones.

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Spring Playlist 2018

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