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Bewilderingly banishing his boyband background, Malik’s memory wipe from his ‘Mind Of Mine’ to ZAYN’s latest leap ‘Let Me’. An audible experience of a restfulness flow and relationship imploring issues with a visionary story of troubling embezzlement and action packed acting, the fashionable falsetto facade suggests the Bradford Boy has transitionally matured into a LA living man, in pursuit of a relocation of lifestyle and a transformation in musical direction expansion.

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“I spoke to him about how I’m really proud of him and how well his music is doing. It’s cool to have a conversation with him. We support each other. There’s no competition.” In conversation with 97.1 AMP Radio in the run up to his single’s liberation, Zayn Malik speaks upon the touchy taboo subject of the One Direction situation, leaving a muddled mess of confusion regarding Malik’s relationship state between Tomlinson, Payne and particularly Styles seeing as the 25 year old is speaking so highly of his Irish interlink Niall Horan with that awkward AMA handshake a distant evocation. Silently bashing the BBC headlines reporting the ‘BeFoUr’ singer to be “Working through 1D issues” it seems ZAYN has overcome these anxiety ridden, somewhat boyband forgiving and confidence building bumps in the road to touring the admonitory sophomore solo record with ‘Let Me’ being the song spearhead into ZAYN’s revamped era.

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Prevalent topper of the worldwide iTunes Charts and ‘Let Me’ delicate electronic guitar plucking transitions into an instrumental breakout of the leisure brushing of an acoustic atmosphere, that fades steadily into a retuning phase of light clapping and airy tapping of particular r&b beats. Protuded by placid pronunciation of lyrics that live up to the life of a devoted and lavish living relationship as ZAYN, supported by a small accompaniment of voices sing “We’re drinking on the finest label/Dirty dancing on top of the table/Long walks on the beach in April” all accumulate to produce waves of relaxing rhythms enriching the top end spectrum of singing by Malik, nothing unsurprising as he defined himself as the high note hitter in his 2010-2015 history proceeding into his capital lettered obvious alias music direction, of creating chilled summer songs representative in ‘iT’s YoU’, ‘LIKE I WOULD’ and latest material ‘Let Me’.

Source: zayn (YouTube)

Empyrean and luxurious look outs onto the serene seas of the US and city skylines in April flipping to the violent price paid for a lavish lifestyle, with Grand Theft Auto gaming gestures from scenes directed by film and TV big wheel Jose Padilha of weapon and vice violence of a raven headed man on a mission to fascinate fierce female Sofia Jamora. Transcending outdated stereotypes of having to reoccurringly rescue a damsel in distress in a troubling threatening situation, as the strong blond fights her own battles post epic fight turmoil to live the lush life that the ‘Let Me’ vocalists promises. A tale of two halves that pairs with Sia’s joint effort the galvanising ‘Dusk Till Dawn’ to determine a whole video project, power, greed, vengeance alongside seduction, passion, loyalty and money, love, revenge all fundamental thesis’ to be continued onto the subsequent sequel.

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