Liam Payne & J Balvin ‘Familiar’ Track Thoughts

Twinning neck chains and a white t-shirt to match. A ‘Familiar’ fashion of flamenco fervour and all too friendly feelings, where Payne’s playful performance meets his Columbian counterpart Balvin’s linguist lulls to curate an exploration of a bilingual benevolent, that satisfies a typical transitional Spanish spring song fluorescence into an exaggerated summer smash.

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As Payne’s preoccupied with ‘Familiar’, Styles’ shows in the Gold Coast, Horan’s honing through European ‘Flicker’ Tour, Tomlinson’s tearing through pre-production debut album phases and Malik’s man up in ‘Let Me’, the uncertainty and un-predictability of pop prestige One Direction’s sabbatical comeback hangs in the balance of the separate solo successes. Howbeit about the notion to revive the reunion in a way that will work for the evolved entities who have “Grown into different people”, Liam Payne is plotting a plan that lets the trajectory of solitary sphere’s and the bands life full longevity live on forevermore. Verbalising the Wolverhampton born’s whimsical visions to Capital FM’s Roman Kemp, Payne insists “Five concerts in one would be the most amazing thing. We should go and boss it on our own, it’s the only way it can get better”, a conversational chat more apropos to nostalgia than the here and now, with the round of radio interviews predominant purpose to promote his new español style single.

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‘Familiar’ fills all the fulfillments of singing Spanish praises to the mainstream, substantially spurred on by the dramatised ‘Despacito’ and empty levelled understanding of ‘Reggaetón Lento’ (Remix). Whilst it’s transcending language leads to calm, cogent and carefree vocals of Columbian born assistant J Balvin, Payne’s performance sounds dense and deeper than that of previous collaborative creations ‘Strip That Down’ share with 2018 rap booming business mogul, Migos‘ Quavo. Eventually exalted by travelling beats of the pattering bassline, with waves of bright flurries of the flamenco guitars thin strings and fast fret picking in the chorus compared to the splashes of crisp electro hooks hidden throughout the verse’s, liven up lyrics of an intimate exploration of emotions that convert a familiar feeling of descriptive lines and rhyming lyrics. “Your waistline, the bassline/In real life, don’t wanna no FaceTime” reaps alludes to relations of a model esque figure with a shape of a strong, indulgent and rich vibrato vocals with “Can we get a familiar/I’m feelin’ ya” broken down reoccurring repetition makes for wearing writing, the sacrificial price paid for a completely catchy chorus.

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