Panic! At The Disco’s Potato Pandemonium & All Time Low Radiate Resplendently In The ‘Afterglow’ Music Video

Pop-rock potatoes to the kings and queens of rock ‘n’ roll shows. Panic! At The Disco and All Time Low’s affiliated artistry is thriving through traditional productiveness, with the Baltimore band blooming through their atmospheric ‘Afterglow’ music video. Parallel to an untraditional strategy by Las Vegas label residents representing the carbohydrate clan, distributing concealed clues to unsuspecting super fans.

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Leaving a tour trailing in the past as another is in the chapters of commencement, All Time Low wrapped up the ‘Young Renegade Tour Pt.2’ this past record store day, closing an 11 date duration of nestled industrialised places of musical intimacy. Excluding technical issues of instrumental equipment, the Future Hearts honer’s celebrated the closure of the concerts on bassist and fitness fanatic Zach Merrick’s date of birth, stating on social media “Thank you for an incredible few weeks in towns we don’t get to play often enough”. Yet across America’s parameters Fueled By Ramen relatives Panic! At The Disco have planned a wickedly wholesome summer, embarking on tour trails and festival feats featuring UK’s BBC Radio 1’s Biggest Weekend and Reading and Leeds. Not long before suspicious starch send out’s have solved sinners scepticism and the ‘Last Young Renegades’ architect’s ally pally ‘Afterglow’ performance has made its launch.

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‘”Afterglow’ is a story of us; The kings and queens of rock ‘n’ roll shows, falling in love with the lights, the noise, the sweat, the emotion and then pouring out into the streets when it’s all done, living for the next time we all get to throw down together again.” A struggle through the dark times to come out bigger and better on the bright side, with an invigorating sense of poise and power previously hidden in the depths of self despair. Concise through clear and crisp ambient guitars and warm beats of the bass drum curate an airy anthem that sheds a luster of light on fresh starts for the renegades era, amid Future Hearts semiotics and intergalactic galaxy graphics of the puzzle piece production. “We just take it easy/Hold onto this feeling/All our friends are leaving/And we ain’t got nowhere to go/Caught up in the afterglow” croons Alex Gaskarth to London’s Wood Green grounds, crammed full of a close community of young renegades relishing in glistening sapphire confetti, euphoric emotions and quavering on the unstable shoulders of friends and strangers grasping praising posters singing Merrick’s appreciation. A captured memory of kids in a concert hall having treasurable experiences and memorable moments, all caught up in the evening ‘Afterglow’ of All Time Low.

Source: Fueled By Ramen

Contrasting good times to the wicked ones and a potato a day does keep the wicked cravings away, it’s just a shambolic shame it isn’t of the sweet vegetable variety. is cunning up a conniving plan to place potatoes in the post, sending out tuberous plants to Panic! At The Disco devotee’s delivering messages of the devils key, oh its Saturday night and even Brendon Urie. ‘Say Amen (Saturday Night)’ saw the crop being cooked by a burglar bashing Brendon accompanied by its carbohydrate collective spaghetti for a Saturday night meal for 2 which has since expanded and turned into a date night for a couple more Potato parents. With the ‘Silver Lining’ sensations previously sending out holy water which stood up and sinned for its wrongdoings all in promotion for Pray For The Wicked, Panic! At The Disco’s forthcoming June release. However putting potatoes in the post oppose to a pot appears to be another cryptic clue, gripping the groups alliance.

Watch the video for ‘Afterglow’ by All Time Low here:

All Time Low: Afterglow [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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