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Mystery man of the moment and commanders in chief of the royal council, ZAYN and Palaye Royale are the crème de la crème of artists for Spring 2018. In a season that showcased a sign of the times movement for plastics devastating destruction to the open oceans, with festivals inclusive of Bestival, The Great Escape and Wilderness poignantly pledging to banish the gratuitous utilisation of the single use synthetic compounds in the wake of whales being washed up deceased and the environmentally supportive earth day. Whilst the plastic free pledge followed forward, animal advocate Ariana Grande geared up for her overtly optimistic ‘No Tears Left To Cry’ crusade whilst pop powerhouse Liam Payne’s collaborative billingual bid with J Balvin in ‘Familiar’, bouncing back the late Latino mainstream trend. Presently Payne’s past pal ZAYN has been becoming a ninja warrior waging wars and fighting his feelings in the candid ‘Let Me’ and flamboyant art rock trio Palaye Royale are predominantly readying for their UK Slam Dunk Festival slot, in the last remaining spring month to subside.

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Bradford bad Boy evolving into an LA living farmer. Zayn Malik mononymously capitalised as ZAYN, is a public puzzle who grants a controversially questionable stance yet a prosperous musical calling of sleek style and supine substance. 2010’s adolescent Zayn zoomed through his X Factor audition with his humdrum homage of ‘Let Me Love You’ by Baltimore rapstar Mario, revealing a quietly calm figure that was exposed for his fear of shape throwing, vas happening vocabulary and high note hitting. A boom in boyband hysteria and One Direction became 2010’s solution to a mania of unprecedented success, eventually breaking records that rival even Brit band giants The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Four albums and four tours in and the ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ hitmakers are down to four members with Malik moving on from his boyband roots, publishing a statement that shook the superfans saying “My life with One Direction has been more than I could have ever imagined. I’d like to apologise to the fans if I’ve let anyone down, but I have to do what feels right in my heart.” Pouring his emotions onto the page, Zayn longed for a normalised lifestyle and a change in musical direction, ditching the pop-rock realms for a more ‘sophisticated’ sound. Breaking out from the boyband a heavy rebranding showed a solo singer and fashion forward magnate making his mark, with the r&b tinged ‘PILLOWTALK’ and visual spearhead for lavish Italian designer Versus/Versace making Malik one of the most influential people in fashion. With the culturally catering and falsetto featuring Mind Of Mine in his repertoire, reigning on in an imminent Ocean’s 8 2018 cameo set in his sights, ZAYN’s secondary record is ready to grip the r&b relaxed bodement back again.

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Palaye Royale

Self-proclaimed cultivation of young thinkers. Palaye Royale are the modern epitomise of an eccentric entity who entice an artistic philosophy of avant-garde methods and fashion art-rock elements throughout their cultural creativeness and fashionable grandiosity. Emerging in 2008 as adolescent gathering Kropp Circle, Palaye Royale made its primary breakout with the ponderous ‘Morning Light’, however it wasn’t until 2 years subsequent where Remington Leith, Emerson Barrett and Sebastian Danzing sustained a serious following off the back off their Samsung synched song and fan featured video ‘Get Higher’, citing their sprouting support system as Soldiers of the Royal Council. Since their slow but steady take off from 2016, the chiselled cheekbone collective and outlandish outerwear ornate’s are renowned for their cosmetic collection contributions and soundtrack singing sensations. Presently the trio are looking to take their Las Vegas theatrics to a global gradation with their impending instalment Boom Boom Room (Side 2) being a stable catalyst to becoming 2018’s solution to reviving a dying old man rock and roll tradition to a youthful glam-rock trend.

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