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The meticulous mechanics behind Styles’ dazzling Disco ball hanging, rubix cube representations and circular centre stage are all parties making the tour tick over venue to venue, city to city. Whilst the ‘Kiwi’ crooner conforms to a caring charismatic character comprehended by a crowd of consumers who demand a system of endless support for the live music sector to successfully prosper, it’s the first people in and the last people out who make it happen silently behind the scenes, with the crew and touring members behind the ‘Harry Styles Live On Tour’ being the backbone to bringing Styles’s soft rock sound and smart glam production to stages and shows sedulously.

Source: Hélèn Marie Pambrun

Showcasing the harsh realities of hard work contrasting with its reaping rewards of taking an in demand peregrination across European environments , American areas and presently Asian arenas. Tour manager Dan, the delegated organiser and intern who blossomed brightly into the boots he now fills compromises a creative individual who holds a cultivation of industry experience from Cato music moving up the spectrum to foreseeing ventures in the realms of Florence and the Machine, Catfish and the Bottlemen at present fronting Harry Styles’ second leg circuit. Singing the praises of the ‘Sign of the Times’ soloists arena tour, Dan dubs the show’s up until Styles’ headlining The o2 Arena dates last month being “A logistically well planned arena tour” and “Being a super smooth tour’ despite the designing of the current 2018 feat occurring in the middle of last year, shortly subsequent to the debut theatre shows acting as a promotional tour for the newly acclaimed glam rocker’s self titled record. Whilst the UK economy received a cash injection of £1 billion from the live music industry in 2016 according to Measuring Music, the craze for concerts allows industry professionals such as Dan to fulfil day to day responsibilities ranging from logistically planning to co-ordinating schedules, it seems the advances of technological innovations can impact careers in the live sector with the stand out stakeholders being tour management applications Master Tour and e-mail communication could effect the way Dan executes the ‘Harry Styles Live On Tour’ in the foreseeable future.

Source: Hélèn Marie Pambrun

With a substantial flow of financial sustainability feeding into the financials, settling the sought out influx and outgoings of avenues in the realms of box office takings and accommodation settlement pricing seemed to boost Styles bank statement, suppasing over £1.5 million money made in revenue over the course of the duo of dates designated to London’s o2 Arena in April. Whilst this figure remains uncertain after general touring costs and split in earnings between artist, venue and travelling crew wages with the accountant in question citing the just short of £40 million net worth stars substantial wealth as “Just because Harry makes a decent pay check at the end of the night, it doesn’t mean he will take it home”. Morgan’s meticulous managerial of money from broadway productions to music tours prognosticates big budgets, cost anticipation and cash projection a month previous to the walking Gucci wardrobe hitting the road. Yet being on tour with one of British popular cultures exquisite exports hasn’t dented the American born accountants work drive attitude, phrasing a general musician’s attributes as ‘Just because you play the guitar or write a good song doesn’t mean your a good boss”.

Source: Hélèn Marie Pambrun

One money making boss to another cookery culinary sensation. Sarah’s Kitchen sets the standard for a highly regarded company in the touring world, cooking up catering creation’s for established entities such as the ethereally Alternative The 1975, Essex export Olly Murs most irreproachably pop nonpareil One Direction showcasing an nostalgic reassurance of a Shepard’s pie dish being a prominent Palette on the groups ‘Where We Are Tour’ which took over £213 million in money from the 69 stadium shows. Providing a “Home from home experience on tour” existing since the establishment in 2010, business spearhead Sarah’s food business trade is booming, far from the fragile good to go grab food in the 80’s where Sarah toiled behind the stove and leaning over a chopping board in the efforts to serve up supper to small scale venues and bands. Situated in her stomping grounds in the kitchen which takes up a third of a tour truck, Sarah knocks up carnivorous creations, allergin free food and plant based plates, a business woman turned comestible chef by trade is at hand to rustle up Styles’ green juice and banana nutritious staples.

Source: Hélèn Marie Pambrun

Touring takes labour and fidelity, and living out of a suitcase is a developing way of living a life a long way from home. “It’s a lifestyle choice, you have to enjoy it. There’s good commadery, you make good friends and meet people you don’t like. You get into a routine” reaps rigger Andy professionally considered as Paris adapts to in order to sustain a salary and project design aspects of visual outlays of a tour, like Harry’s 80’s disco ball effect situated above B stage displayed in visiting venues of the tour itinerary including the more rigging adaptable pits stops The o2 Arena, Genting Arena and 3Arena in comparison to the archetypal areas The Royale Albert Hall not being designed for modish gig furnishings. Setting up staging and such features requires the absolute epitome of health and safety regulations, tending to translate as the production manager, rigger and stage manager follow the suit of being the first person in, last person out fulfilling weight bearings, pinpointing measurements and positioning beams being a highly transitioned industrial approach to an “Industry which was complied of drop outs, whereas now people have studied their area of interest to propel them into their prospected careers”.

Source: Hélèn Marie Pambrun

Studying as a student with a career that flourished from fixing sound setbacks from speakers at a time of degree education, a profession that positively plummeted into the hands of gentle giant of the gathering Rob, a student turned Strictly Come Dancing staff now sound engineer for Styles. Setting up and scouting out the perfect sound in one place but getting a perfect sound in all places “Harnessing the energy each room has” of the perimeters of live music locations, co-ordinating frequencies, regulating noise levels a lawful obligation where venues under no circumstances must exceed 87 decibels and managing microphones a music movement with Harry Styles shifting his utilisation of radio to a wired microphone between the 24 year old multi talented medium transitioning tours between 2017-2018 with Styles self being described as “Super friendly and super lovely” by the sound man himself. With the somber sounds of Styles’ ‘Sweet Creature’ resonating with masses of super fans, visual over audible means is a mainstream favoured popularity in the age of a digital era and social media’s prominence as Rob digresses doubts about sounds significance in shows saying “People want that wow factor, that Instagram picture, That YouTube clip”.

Source: Hélèn Marie Pambrun

In the wake of visuals empowerment over sounds existence, planning and pinpointing a projects production pigments that cultivate to create a dignified display of a bespoke built stage, a process that took between 3-4 months to process and produce before rehearsals for the ‘Harry Styles Live on Tour’ went underway, production manager Derek and a collective of crew installed with immense difficulty due to its circular uniqueness. Manufacturing and putting into practise equipment of a LED swooping screen takes it toll on worn roofs of the first visiting venue on the venture not being strong enough to obtain fixtures and fittings of the following. Overseeing an operation of efficiency and organisation is a time consuming constraint, carefully displayed mid sentence as a call comes through to Derek’s device for a load in delivery at the gates of the Greenwich tent an exemplary projection of a behind the scenes profession that ultimately makes a tour turn through.

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