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Phlegmatic presence, mollified melodies and a demure deportment. Liam Payne’s BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge performance was a short lived stint of a prepossessing boyband member turned sleek solo singer whom is able to balance Pop, R&B, slow jams and acoustic atmospheres in the confines of the Live Lounge.

Source: BBC Radio 1

To lead on from Payne’s circlet current sabbatical solo entities debut record entries from the glam Gucci emblazoned Harry Styles’ self titled task to Mullingar man Niall Horan’sFlicker feat, Liam’s Spanish single ‘Familiar’ is forecasted by fans to be a “Summer anthem”. Being the fifth figure of music track listed on the awaited LP which is to launch at an uncertain speculated slot, Liam has been looking through the music memory milestones of basal albums to levitate his own peak career success. Comparing the mechanical workings of the impending LP to a playlist, the music industries finest format as of recent, flavours of an arrangement of artistic influences will be imbedded with the so called summer smash ‘Familiar’ being front and centre of the rumoured to be September release not to mention Live Lounge breakout.

Source: BBC Radio 1

Chaperoned by British born rapper Yxng Bane to fill in the Latin cross calateralisation components of Payne x J Balvin’s ‘Familiar’, the Spanish song signified initially with sorrowful sounds before bounding into a bouncy and built up cluster of dancing bass lines and spoken Spanish translations sung by Liam Payne, tapping into the tracks cultural and regional roots with Bane representing what Balvin could not present at that point in time with phased vocals complementing Payne’s tame tones for a song that slumped on longer than it mind numbingly needed. Left on his lonesome to vocalise a version of ‘Get Low’ producer and European talent Zedd’s‘The Middle’, a song originally with a female focus with Maren Morris fronting the settlement of a relationship state lyrics, a name that the ‘Strip That Down’ singers familiar face Niall Horan reigned in for Country enlivened track ‘Seeing Blind’. The minimalist middle proved to be the finest picking of the performance, a stripped back style with the star’s cover a fitting and currently charting choice yet a stark contrast to fellow group gatherings Styles and Horan’s interpretation of Fleetwood Mac’s 70’s ‘The Chain’ as well as DJ Khaled’s collaborative ‘Wild Thoughts’ and Niall’s rendition of the ‘Flicker World Tour’ support act Julia MichaelsNervous System song ‘Issues’. With Payne penultimately citing the congregation of affiliated artists Live Lounge solo manifestations as “Both of them did a great job” and ultimately so did he.

Watch Liam Payne performing at BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge here:

Live Lounge – Liam Payne

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