Summer Playlist 2018

Ariana Grande’s emptyness of non-teaming tears, Two Door Cinema Club’s wanting you to know words and Samuel Blenkin’s sacrifices of shoes delineation. With the season of summer soon rolling around enlisting the sounds of alternative anthems, acoustic unplugged ambiences and pop chart prevailers put into a playlist. Speculations set for a summer of successes such as the Arctic Monkeys album Tranquility Base Hotel & Casinoaiming high in vinyl unit sales, Kid Cudi and king of the Yeezy’s Kanye Wests’ dual record drop and the plastic proscribe to be put into proper practice across major music festivals this soon to be season.

Source: Samuel Blenkin (Soundcloud)

To Be Alone With You – Samuel Blenkin (Sufjan Stevens Cover)

Warm whispers of acoustic guitars and a silvery and softly spoken voice silken enough to quaintly and quietly sing a 2004 indie folk interpretation. Transfiguring the sentimental song from a folk facade to a chilled composition, Samuel Blenkin’s spin on the Michigan man Sufjan StevensSeven Swanstrack showcases a multi talented singer and simultaneous actor previously Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’s Scorpius Malfoy who’s wholesomely warm hums and ravishing ascending range could represent a more pop culture consideration, from the tones and tranquility of a Flickerfavourite Niall Horan’s‘This Town’ or even title track ‘Flicker’ which could prevail as a popular choice amongst a repertoire of American singer songwriter covers. But Blenkin’s softly brittle and luxuriate dulcet baritone and tenor undertones intertwined instrumentally, incorporating the intricate pick, pluck and strum of guitar and ukulele strings ode ostentatiously to a staple of Sufjan’s seemingly extensive discography and original material ‘To Be Alone With You’.

Source: Spinnup

All In All – Superjava

Twinkling production, beating bass, pattering percussion and exultant vocals. A Superjava single that shares similarities to Paramore’s life inflicting struggles of ‘Hard Times’ 80’s retro esque representation whilst honing in on The 1975’s pop synth songs such as the self titled records effort ‘Chocolate’, the Citroen C4 Cactus synched song ‘All In All’ attributes account for a melodious anthem and indie pop piece. ‘Born from a fragile stone, like we’re runaways/ I couldn’t say it any other way’ chimes lead singer of the French four piece, a track taken from their 2018 EP Javalandjustifies the having it all spirit the lyrics speak, induced by an electronic entourage of buzzing, tapping and beeping of perpetual production.

Source: Darkroom/Interscope

Ocean Eyes – Billie Eilish

A family form of solicitous alignments for a somebody with sea like sight. ‘Ocean Eyes’ by electro pop entity Billie Eilish, a sheer song starting out as a relatives written reject and ending up a 2016 Soundcloud streaming sensation. “Burning cities and napalm skies/ Fifteen flares inside those ocean eyes” and “I’ve never fallen from white this high/ Falling into your ocean eyes” embodies emotions and creates connotations of comparisons between falling so deeply in devotion, as far as the depths of the ocean whilst concurrently being dragged down by the peacefulness yet choppy waves behind the protagonists piercing blue eyes. A highly received breakout track that ticks the boxes of a true pop emotional ensemble of hazy, misty and dreamlike conundrum of instrumentals and vocals with a wonderful euphoria of a young Lana Del Ray air.

Source: Dance To The Radio

I Found Out – The Pigeon Detectives

A 2000’s indie rock classic worshiped by teenagers taken from the impressive 17 song strong soundtrack to British Romantic adolescent film Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging.Northern lads The Pigeon Detectives first record Wait For Me single ‘I Found Out’ released through record label Dance To The Radio represents a short, sweet and snappy song whilst being advertently humdrum to its self doubt seeming and relationship discovering lyricism including chorus line “I can’t stand in just no good for you” concluding a powerfully build instrumental backing of building drums and groovy guitar riffs, yet weakly unstable imagination lacking lyrics.

Source: Republic

No Tears Left To Cry – Ariana Grande

A sweet song to stage a single comeback on a grand scale whist simultaneously inflicting dance and disco deemed depictions in its soft sounds. Ariana Grande’s ‘No Tears Left To Cry’ projects a piece of a looking to the future feel with its somewhere over the rainbow reflected artwork, accumulating to produce a song symbolic to serious struggles yet open minded to moving past recent barbaric tragedies. Opening upcoming studio album Sweetener Grande’s impending tetralogy record, the ‘Love Me Harder’ vocalist blissfully beams “Right now, I’m in a state of mind/ I wanna be in, like, all the time/ Ain’t got no tears left to cry/ So I’m pickin’ it up, pickin’ it up/ I’m loving’, I’m livin’, I’m pickin’ it up” aired in an euphoric state of instrumentals, expressing the Disney stars monuments mentality which is short lived before wading into a groovy and glam grandiose chorus refrain, poignantly representative of the optimistic outlook and outstanding attitude Ariana has maturely attributed in the hankering ‘No Tears Left To Cry’.

Source: Kitsuné

What You Know – Two Door Cinema Club

Reaping of reoccurring realisation, dominating doubtfulness and looming loneliness. ‘What You Know’ taken from Two Door Cinema Club’s 2010 Tourist History, an album spilling over with summer hit after summer anthem alongside subsequent songs ‘Something Good Can Work’ besides ‘Undercover Martyn’ radiate rays of refreshing indie rock riffs with Alex Trimble and Kevin Baird’s sharp, sophisticated and soothing synths. Reminiscent for the County Down collectives rendition of said song at the trio’s 2017 Reading Festival main stage set, singer Trimble’s tranquil tones hums ‘I am leaving and this is starting to feel like/ It’s right before my eyes/ And I can taste it, it’s my sweet beginning” surrounded by a sea of sun loving festival goers swaying on shoulders and shifting in synch to the songs solstice sounds.

Listen to this summer playlist here:

Summer Playlist 2018

Samuel Blenkin – To Be Alone With You (Soundcloud)

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