ZAYN ‘Entertainer’ & Panic! At The Disco ‘High Hopes’ Track Thoughts

Opening up to optimism on the other hand closing up to falseness. Panic! At The Disco and ZAYN dropped new completely contrasting singles ‘High Hopes’, a bashful, bold and brass crusade of utter fanaticism following ‘Entertainer’, exposing an evaluation of foreseeing truth amongst a forage of fetching fibs.

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“I spent too long not setting my expectations high enough, worried about how it felt to fail. I hit a point where I realised I had to aim high and fail, fail, fail in order to keep growing. This one is for all of you who helped me go through it all.” Boasts the brains behind brand new hit ‘High Hopes’ ahead of the underpinning record Pray For The Wicked emancipate m, amongst heavily UK based appearances ahead of the one man and his touring members band’s promotional pit stops. Performing at BBC Radio 1’s Biggest Weekend costal city spot Swansea, a speedy signing for all sinners who snatched up the pre-order packages for the religiously inclined record at HMVs oxford street flagship, before bolting to a secret event for the select few fans picked throughout the websites sign up database dubiously surrounding the sixth studio album in comparison to ZAYN’s empty ‘Entertainer’ events, with Asian apparel endorsement Penshoppe posters popping up in paramount points in the Philippines, plastering over ‘Entertainer’ eventual parade.

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‘High Hopes’ terrific trumpets, tapping snares and ornate orchestral instruments makes a pompous big band meet an organised organisation of wooden stringed assortments rendering a relation to 2011’s Vices and Virtues melancholy orchestra cross contaminating with 2018’s Pray For The Wicked wacky and wonderous marching band, to curate a sub era of Panic! At The Disco that hones in on ‘High Hopes’ for the foreseeable future balancing a familiar struggle to set free from the past. With dipping drops and honourable horns, a consummate candidate set to be a fixture of a US hockey campaign for its 2018 cup competition, a fitting song synchronisation showcasing the singles morale boosting and motivational boasting thesis. As Brendon Urie proudly pronounces a futuristically optimistic outlook under an entirely incentive, momentum and stimulating vocal demure, a typical tenor tone Urie possesses to present a problematic and turbulent musical career influenced under the financial and emotional pressures of industry tribulations, turned realiser of attainable achievements and fulfilling paramount prophecies and major manifestations singing “Had to have high, high hopes for a living/ Shooting for the starts when I couldn’t make a killing/ Didn’t have a dime but I always had a vision/ Always had high, high hopes”. Both lyrical and production value hitting a sanguine spirited sound to the bands follow up song ahead of Pray For The Wicked exports ‘Say Amen (Saturday Night)’, ‘Silver Lining’ and ‘High Hopes’ with the full length LP launching 22nd June.

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‘Entertainer’ chattering and pattering production pronounces Zayn’s maturity in music. From banal Bubblegum Pop to undisputed Urban, a short stint of a 3 minuet song is enough to evoke an electro-R&B artistry to flow seemingly through the single’s entirety. Accompanied by the ‘LIKE I WOULD’ crooners accomplished vocals, settling at a somber and steady technique somewhat restricting Malik’s famous falsetto with the looming lack of high hitting notes in dim dismay. Yet with the single making it’s worldwide debut on Apples acquisition Beats 1 Radio with DJ Zane Lowe, a significant stakeholder in propelling the 25 year olds solo success with one of the important initial interviews with the star subsiding on the platform his smoky and sleek sounds exhibited a voice that suits the accompanying music videos sultry scenes model Sofia Jamora portrays in her major follow up role from the precursory ‘Let Me’. In the representation of a provocative worker sporting a platinum blonde Malfoy inspired bob cut, to ZAYN sitting comfortably relishing the scenes sings “Don’t you take me for a fool/ In this game, I own the rules/ You were my favourite entertainer”. Expressing an ensemble of lyrics letting listeners tune in to a confident confrontation of lies and lust of a lover, playing a dangerous game and gambling with Malik’s emotions.

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